Sorting and Filing Your Toys… er, “Friends”

I go share a post on Google Plus one day. And when the prompt comes up that gives me the option of whom to share my post with, I sigh.

Just a little shoulder-dropping sigh. I think to myself, when else do I sigh like this? Oh yeah, it’s the same sigh that unconsciously escapes my body when I stand at the door to my kids playroom and see the landscape of toys that I feel compelled to put away before going to bed.

I know some moms/dads (and so do you) who have great toy organizing systems from The Container Store. I’ve felt little twinges of envy for all the legos-in-one-bin-and-puzzles-in-another method. For real. Because that’s how it looks in The Pottery Barn catalog and wouldn’t be nice to live in one of those catalogs?

But that hamster wheel was kicking my ass. I was losing so in an admission of defeat, I’ve gone to the one giant toy box method. Sweep it all up and dump it in the box. Close the lid.

Of course, this means my kids will probably never find the pieces that slid down to the bottom of the box. They might be small, essential pieces. TOO BAD!!!

Circling back to “friends.” I really, really had every intention of organizing them… on lists in Facebook and Twitter, in circles in Google Plus. I had sweet visions of getting ready to hit Tweet/Post/Share and selecting from my painstakingly CORRECT groupings of who I want to tweet/post/share with. Ahem.

But let’s just say that maybe someone set up those lists and kind of can’t remember who is where. And darn it, those pieces keep moving around!!! So by default, I’m back to the one giant “friend” box method.

What does your toy box look like?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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