Southwest Kicks Cranky Toddler off Plane

airplaneA little kid screaming “Go, plane, go” and “I want Daddy,” was too much for a Southwest crew. They kicked the kid – and his mom – off their plane.

According to the AP, Pamela Root says her two-year-old was calming down, but the plane taxied back to the gate, and she and Adam were told they had to get off.

Root is now asking the company to reimburse her for the cost of a portable crib and diapers which she bought to get her through the extra night in Amarillo, Texas with her toddler.

For a company that’s reached out to the mommy blogging community in an attempt to portray Southwest as a family-friendly flight experience, this is a major blow.

People like to complain about kids on airplanes. They’re loud. They kick the seat. And the childless can’t escape them when they’re locked into a long pressurized tube for the long haul. Last year a woman even faced arrest for posting her video of a bratty kid on a flight online, then refusing to delete it (the airplane officials said she’d violated the rules against use of electronic devices during a flight).

But complain all you want – parents still pay tickets to get on a plane, and often pay for their child’s ticket. And while the kid-free flyers are dealing with the annoying kid, parents are dealing with the angry glares and stares, a frustrated kid . . . and all the obnoxious things adults do (too many drinks, farting, reclining the seat back too far. . . .). In some extreme cases, they’ve even got the airplane staff working against them (remember the flight attendant who spiked a kid’s juice with Xanax?).

It’s worth pointing out that “go, plane, go” sounds like some cute little kid thing – not a cranky, horrible annoyance. Even “I want my daddy” should earn the kid some sympathy.

Southwest has apologized and said they’re looking into the situation. Does this mom deserve some restitution or should she chose another way to travel?

Image: Comedy Nose via Flickr

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