Spa Denim: Would You Wear Moisturizing Jeans?

A Model Getting Moisturized

I am a mom. I am very busy. I like to cut corners and multi-task as much as possible but I do know where to draw the line. I do not need my jeans to do my moisturizing for me. I can take two minutes out of my busy schedule and apply my own skin protecting ointment to my legs thank you very much. But apparently there is a market for women who are:

a) Too busy to be bothered with their own moisturizing regime.
b) Really want their legs to be as soft as possible and find that denim dries them out.
c) Just like the idea of walking around wearing pants that have been infused with “high-performance skincare ingredients.”
d) All of the above.

Wrangler Jeans is betting on women who fit into one or all of these categories with the launch of the first ever moisturizing jeans called Spa Denim. The jeans, which retails for $140 and are not yet on the market, will come in three different versions: Aloe Vera, Olive Extract and Smooth Legs. The moisturizing magic embedded into the jeans will according to Vogue —last for 15 days. Then Spa Denim wearers can buy a special spray to return the moisture magic to the pants.

Personally, the idea of jeans that also moisturize totally creeps me out. Visions of feeling slippery, slimy and the growth of some kind of bacteria dance through my mind when imagining wearing something akin to a mobile spa wrap. But hey, maybe my legs just aren’t that dry where I feel I need a jean infused intervention.

Would you try the moisturizing jeans?

Photo Source: Wrangler via The Gloss

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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