‘Speak Like a Native’ Ads Cleverly Suggest Another Language Lurks Inside Us All (PHOTOS)

Have you always wanted to learn a second language but flashbacks to seventh-grade Spanish class keep you up at night and scare you off from even trying? You keep dreaming about how the teacher asked you to conjugate the “to be” verbs in the front of the room but you wore nothing but your birthday (sorry, cumpleaños) suit?

The Hakuhodo Indonesia advertising agency seems to think you can learn another language, minus the unpreparedness and humiliation. In fact, they’re even asserting that a second language is already and conveniently lurking inside you.

The Speak Like a Native ad campaign (that we first read about on My Modern Metropolis) is based on “creative alchemy,” “where new ideas come from unexpected combinations.”

The ads are for the Berlitz Language School, which teaches not only language, but cross-cultural skills to help integrate people and businesses for global success. The print ads feature a person inside of a person, indicating a second speaker is already inside of us, ready to pop out at any moment and help us soar internationally.

Take a look at the Speak Like a Native ads and see if you’re convinced that a global education is inside all of us, just waiting to come out:


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Images via Hakuhodo Asean

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