Spider Attacks Daddy (VIDEO)

4104733809_af61fe474aLike many foiled plans, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

A Huntsman spider — huge and scary looking, but generally not considered dangerous — shows up on the ceiling of an Australian man’s home. He grabs a video camera and his little girl, eager for a chance to be hero on film.

You know it wouldn’t be on the Internet if all went as planned….

“I told you not to play with spiders.”

What’s funniest, besides that footage of him running away with the plastic bowl stuck on his foot, of course, is the YouTube page.  It warns, “Do not attempt this at home.  Spiders can be very dangerous.”  Forget the spider, dude.  She was just minding her own business up there.  Now you falling off the ladder, on the other hand….

Let this be a lesson to you, dads. Either leave the spider-catching to someone with more expertise, or turn off the video camera before you begin.

Photo: tolomea, Flickr

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