Spooky Dames: 25 Vintage Pin-Ups of Halloween "Hotties"

If you are like me, you’ve probably been a bit disturbed by the onslaught of “sexy” and “slutty” Halloween costumes for women (and girls) in the past several years.

You’ve got the sexy zombie bride, the sexy Snow White, the sexy Smurf, the sexy Crayola crayon and you might wonder, “when in the hell did Halloween get so sexy!?!” But as it turns out, Halloween has been sexy for generations.

Halloween “hotties” are not anything new. As Jezebel notes in their fascinating piece Slutty Halloween Costumes: A Cultural History, “Halloween was about sex before it was about ‘trick or treat,’ and the wonder is that we ever saw it any other way.” They look back at Pagan celebrations, masked balls of the 1800’s, and the 70’s and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

There is a lot of photographic evidence about Halloween’s sexy roots from the heyday of the pin-up. Although they were created in hopes of being sexy, there is something charming and sweet about these vintage pin-ups of fresh-faced females donning their big grins with their witch hats, brooms, and short-shorts. These 25 photos prove that Halloween has always been sexy. Check them out here:

  • She’s Been Bad 1 of 24
    She's Been Bad
    For those 50 Shades of Grey fans out there, here is this old-school of a witch secured in a pillory. And you know, she doesn't look too happy about it.
    Photo Source: Vintage Gal
  • All Glam 2 of 24
    All Glam
    One of the most glam of the pin-up shots, this lady has the sweet yet sexy witch thing down.
    Photo Source: Squidoo
  • Reading Time 3 of 24
    Reading Time
    A little light reading for Halloween. Good thing that key light is perfectly in place for her storytime. And yes, that is Betty Grable.
    Photo Source: SpookShowRadio
  • Power Witch 4 of 24
    Power Witch
    I love this model's stance; it's all about power. Plus, she's got plenty of pumpkins, a broom and not one but two cauldrons.
    Photo Source: Rhinestone Armadillo
  • Double the Fun 5 of 24
    Double the Fun
    From their outfits to their smiles, these are the least creepy witches ever.
    Photo Source: His Ruin
  • Kitty 6 of 24
    It seems like 80 percent of the ladies in these photos are dressed up as witches, so it's nice to see a pumpkin-loving kitty in the mix.
    Photo Source: The Scary Marys
  • I Love My Pumpkin 7 of 24
    I Love My Pumpkin
    Sometimes a girl will get emotionally attached to her pumpkin. Here is a sweet example of that.
    Photo Source: Squidoo
  • It’s All About the Hat 8 of 24
    It's All About the Hat
    Yes, she's holding a pumpkin, there's a spooky cat in the background, but all I can see is that hat. This one is all about the hat.
    Photo Source: Very Bad Frog
  • Going for a Ride 9 of 24
    Going for a Ride
    There is something about the model's pose in this's like she's just going for a nice Sunday drive. Oh, and that's the one and only Ava Gardner.
    Photo Source: Very Bad Frog
  • Very Non-Witchy 10 of 24
    Very Non-Witchy
    For this one it's like she showed up for the shoot wearing her beach wear and they just threw on a hat, gave her a broom and said, "you're a witch!"
    Photo Source: Very Bad Frog
  • On Top of the World 11 of 24
    On Top of the World
    This one is, well, odd and that's why I love it. She's showing just a little bit of leg, and is sitting on what seems to be a representation of the earth. And she looks totally bored.
    Photo Source: Very Bad Frog
  • Pumpkin Sitting 12 of 24
    Pumpkin Sitting
    Showing off a whole lotta leg, this girl next door pin up was all smiles with her broom while sitting on a giant pumpkin. I do appreciate the very handmade quality of the pumpkin prop.
    Photo Source: Halloween Kid
  • Me & My Shadow 13 of 24
    Me & My Shadow
    Apparently this pin up witch has a very spooky and somewhat silly shadow.
    Photo Source: Halloween Kid
  • Interesting Outfit Choice 14 of 24
    Interesting Outfit Choice
    When one thinks "witch" the go to color is usually black, black and more black, but here this model is wearing something far more floral. And with the look on her face, she seems to sense that something isn't right.
    Photo Source: Lela Davidson
  • Veronica Lake 15 of 24
    Veronica Lake
    This is a promotional still from Veronica Lake's film I Married a Witch.
    Photo Source: Retro Space
  • When Pumpkins Appear 16 of 24
    When Pumpkins Appear
    Imagine this: you're alone in the dark in your glitter hot pants, just innocently arranging the whisks of your favorite broom, and you become startled. A glowing pumpkin is hanging in a tree above you. Normal.
    Photo Source: Halloween Kid
  • A Halloween Foursome 17 of 24
    A Halloween Foursome
    Here are four lovely lasses all donning their Halloween finery, from a witch, to an homage to the American Indian to, well, I have no idea. But they all look pretty darn cute.
    Photo Source: Creepy LA
  • Bat Wings on the Cheap 18 of 24
    Bat Wings on the Cheap
    This is pretty clever: instead of creating a pair of bat wings, they just painted some on the wall and had the model pose in front. Simple, cheap, easy.
    Photo Source: Very Bad Frog
  • Brains! 19 of 24
    It's like she's never seen pumpkin brains before. Me thinks she needs to get out more. Oh, and that's film legend Clara Bow.
    Photo Source: A Nostalgic Halloween
  • Have Broom Will Travel 20 of 24
    Have Broom Will Travel
    She may look like she's applying for a job at a witch-run airline, but no, that is the one and only Cyd Charisse of Singing in the Rain fame.
    Photo Source: A Shroud of Thoughts
  • Oh My Gawd 21 of 24
    Oh My Gawd
    The look of surprise on her face is what kills me about this one.
    Photo Source: Halloween Kid
  • Shadows 22 of 24
    I love the style of the different shadows invading this young lady's space; she's obviously just trying to enjoy a solo picnic in a pumpkin patch.
    Photo Source: Rocky Makeup
  • Tail Time 23 of 24
    Tail Time
    Starlet Nancy Carroll posed for some spooky Halloween pics, tail and all.
    Photo Source: Rocky Makeup
  • Going for a Ride 24 of 24
    Going for a Ride
    I love that she looks just like a normal housewife who just likes to strip down to her undergarments, thigh highs, witch hat, and ride that broom.
    Photo Source: Halloween Forum

Photo Source: His Ruin
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