Spooky Dames: 25 Vintage Pin-Ups of Halloween "Hotties"

If you are like me, you’ve probably been a bit disturbed by the onslaught of “sexy” and “slutty” Halloween costumes for women (and girls) in the past several years.

You’ve got the sexy zombie bride, the sexy Snow White, the sexy Smurf, the sexy Crayola crayon and you might wonder, “when in the hell did Halloween get so sexy!?!” But as it turns out, Halloween has been sexy for generations.

Halloween “hotties” are not anything new. As Jezebel notes in their fascinating piece Slutty Halloween Costumes: A Cultural History, “Halloween was about sex before it was about ‘trick or treat,’ and the wonder is that we ever saw it any other way.” They look back at Pagan celebrations, masked balls of the 1800’s, and the 70’s and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

There is a lot of photographic evidence about Halloween’s sexy roots from the heyday of the pin-up. Although they were created in hopes of being sexy, there is something charming and sweet about these vintage pin-ups of fresh-faced females donning their big grins with their witch hats, brooms, and short-shorts. These 25 photos prove that Halloween has always been sexy. Check them out here.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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