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spreecast-logo-backgroundIt is only one month old, but the Beta launch of, the latest project by Jeff Fluhr, Founder and former CEO of StubHub, is showing great promise.

I met the Spreecast crew at Blogworld LA and they immediately won me over with their social video platform. It has fantastic video chat functionality, offers production control, and is integrated with all the major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

You may ask, isn’t video chat what Google+ Hangouts are for?

Yes and no. While bearing some similarities to a Google+ Hangout, Spreecast offers far more control to the broadcaster and a better quality “show” for the viewer than a Google+ Hangout.

The Spreecast team explains, “In a Spreecast social video stream, up to four people at a time can interact face-to-face on screen, while hundreds of others can watch, chat, and participate by submitting comments and questions. The creator of a spreecast uses producer controls to determine who comes on camera and when.”

I personally love the producer controls that Spreecast provides — and you can add co-producers as well, so you aren’t the only one managing the show.

Spreecasts can be either public or private and once they are recorded live they are immediately available for playback. This instant recording, that is complete with all the conversation, questions, on-screen links and text, etc., makes Spreecast an incredible resource for bloggers and for viewers!

I have had several meetings with members of the Spreecast team and spent considerable time learning about the platform and the features of Spreecast.

I am so impressed with the platform, I am trying out Spreecast tonight with a live video chat on Social Media Tools and Tips. (Top social media influencers Kelby Carr (@typeamom), Danielle Smith (@DanielleSmithTV), and Srinivas Rao (@blogcastFM), will be joining me to discuss top social media tools and give do’s and don’ts on how to make a blog a success — if you want to join in at 9pmET.)

Spreecast is also working quickly on providing the option for spreecasts to be embeddable and it should be available in the very near future. I am so excited about that feature and will be embedding our shows for sure on 5 Minutes for Mom.

If you are interested in participating in live video chats or using social video chats to build your own brand and content, you definitely want to check out Beta or not, this platform is performing well!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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