Star Wars, Dragons & Flowers: 10 Examples of the C-Section Scar Tattoo

Most people are not fond of their scars. They hide them and attempt to cover them up. They are usually permanent reminders of a kind of harm or trauma. And then there is the C-section scar, a remnant from the wonderful gift of a baby. It’s a scar that many a woman loves and embraces.

Kristina Sauerwein – over at BabyCenter – in her piece entitled “4 Reasons I Love My C-section Scar” says that her scar, “may not be physically beautiful to most. But I love it…” adding that it is a “badge of honor.” Michele Zapp over at The Stir writes in her piece “I’m Proud of My C-Section Scar” that she is “proud of it because it shows my strength.” Those are all valid reasons to love a scar!

I have my own c-section scar, which I actually forget is there – the result of an emergency C-section. My surgeons did a bang up job and left me with a tiny 3 ½” mark. They sliced me open with a pfannenstiel incision which they told me on the operating table was a “bikini” incision (which is far easier to pronounce than the before mentioned medical term.).

But some women aren’t as lucky with their C-section scars (and my apologies for bragging about mine). Their scars are larger and more pronounced than they would have liked and some, they get tattoos to cover them up. It’s also an opportunity to celebrate their babies birth in ink, but odds are, many just wanted to cover up what they thought was unsightly with something pretty.

Check out these ten examples of C-section scar tattoos right here:


  • The Dragon 1 of 9
    Emerging triumphantly from this woman's C-section scar is a flying dragon. Let's hope this isn't a representation of their actual baby, I hear dragon babies are very hard to potty train.
    Source: Dieva Larissa Tattoo
  • The Hummingbird 2 of 9
    This hummingbird is enjoying the sweet nectar of the C-section scar. Yum.
    Source: Sharing Fish Design
  • Cherry Blossoms 3 of 9
    This tattooed mama stated that this tat has several meanings,""There are many different meanings for cherry blossoms...my favorites are femininity, sexuality and strength. This cherry blossoms tattoo covers my c-section scar...the initials above are my 4 children." .
    Source: Tattoo Meanings
  • Dragons, Hearts & Flowers 4 of 9
    This collection of images surrounds this woman's c-section scar, a little of this and a little of that!
    Source:Freak Chic Tattoos
  • Vines 5 of 9
    Growing from hip to hip, these vines deftly hide her C-section scar.
    Source:Freak Chic Tattoos
  • Before and After 6 of 9
    Wow. Just wow. Check out the before and after of this woman's c-section scar. A great cover up...and colorful!
  • Lilies Number One 7 of 9
    Large lilies cover up this large C-section scar.
  • Lilies Number Two 8 of 9
    Another great before and after shot, and another woman opting to get lilies to lie on top of her C-section scar. Is this a trend?
    Source:Kim Sirrs
  • Ivy 9 of 9
    This strand of ivy totally covers up this mom's C-section scar and continues to grow up her body.

Would you ever get a c-section cover up tattoo?

Photo of Star Wars Tattoo via Flaming Zombie Monkeys
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