Star Wars Style: 12 Fangirl Finds from Ashley Eckstein

“Girls can be Jedi too.”

That might be one of the best things Ashley Eckstein, voice of Ahsoka Tano (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) and Mia the bluebird (Sofia the First) said as she addressed several hundred influencers at Disney Social Media Moms Celebration earlier this month.

Well, if you don’t count, “Purses are out. But X-Wing helmets are in.”

That was pretty good too, considering she’s also the founder of Her Universe, home to a sci-fi-inspired line of clothing designed by Eckstein herself, in addition to being a safe space where fangirls can get their geeek on.

Her newest styles will debut at Star Wars Weekends through June 9, 2013, and yes, some have honey buns built right in.

No Jedi mind trick. See?

  • 12 Finds for "Star Wars" Fangirls 1 of 12
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    Ever wanted to dress like Princess Leia or R2D2 without the gold bikini or um, droidiness? Ashley Eckstein has a pretty cute way to do it with her "Star Wars by Her Universe" line of fashion tops, tunics and hoodies.

  • Limited Edition awesome. 2 of 12

    This Return of the Jedi-inspired necklace honors the 30th Anniversary of the epic film. It's all kinds of limited edition and only 500 will be sold at Star Wars Weekends on a first come, first serve basis.


  • Join the Rebel Alliance. 3 of 12

    This A-line Rogue Squadron dress features the Rebel Alliance symbol on the front and the title "Rogue Squadron" on the back. X-Wing helmet not included. Carry one with you though. That would be RAD.

  • Revisit the Dark Side. 4 of 12

    Because everyone loves a good 80's throwback, go ahead and revisit the Dark Side in this recreation of a popular retro tee.

  • The 80’s called. And we’re glad. 5 of 12

    If you wore Underoos as a kid, then chances are you'll recognize this design. It comes straight from the classic Han Solo set from the 80s, and is featured on thisĀ Return of the Jedi 30th Anniversary tee.

  • Fit for a queen. 6 of 12

    Gorgeous artwork, Padme Amidala, rich plum - it's all part of this bestselling Padme Nouveau shirt.

  • Go rogue. 7 of 12

    Want to go rouge? Pretend you're part of the Rogue Squadron in this hooded racer-back tank. X-Wing not included. Anyone know where to get one?

  • Asajj Ventress is the Sith. 8 of 12

    Asajj Ventress is a formidable adversary on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Channeled into a hooded tank based on the beloved female bounty hunter/assassin, all I'm saying is this particular design is the Sith.

  • From a galaxy far, far away. 9 of 12

    Two words: Tie dye.

  • Calling all padawans! 10 of 12

    Put your padawan in this forcey shirt, and CUTE OVERLOAD.

  • Self-rescuing princess. 11 of 12

    So many requests came in to create a scaled down version of Her Universe's popular Princess Leia hoodie for adults, that Ashley came up with a version for little girls. Slip it on, buns and all, and boom. Self-rescuing princess.

  • This is the droid you’re looking for. 12 of 12

    Have a little droid you're always looking for? I'm thinking mommy and me here since this darling R2D2 hoodie comes in both youth and adult sizes. How cute would that be?!


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