Stepmom Gives Toddler Her Breast Milk, Doesn’t See The Problem

Donating breast milk is a wonderful thing but, in this case, keep your milk to yourself!

Mom’s relationship with stepmom is a tricky one, at best. Very rarely is everyone all Bruce, Demi and Ashton about the business of combining families.

So maybe if you stole some woman’s guy and then married him maybe you should be keeping your breast milk to yourself. Just a suggestion. Or, if you’re ever the stepmom of my children, consider it an order.

I mean, duuuude.

In the forum over on CafeMom a woman poses the question of whether her friend should be upset upon discovering that her daughter’s stepmom gave the 3-year-old her breast milk. Apparently the friend had a baby with the guy, he cheated and left her for to marry the “other woman”.  Now his new wife has a baby she is breastfeeding so she has frozen breast milk at home.

Here is how it went down (as posted on CafeMom messageboard):

Apparently dd was thirsty and there was nothing in the house to drink so they gave her Step moms frozen breast milk. Bf (best friend) didn’t find out until a relative told her. When she confronted Ex and Step mom, they acted like she was the crazy one. And to make matters worse. All of his family is 100% on his side.

Dude. You aren’t Salma Hayek and my kid ain’t starving to death. Give her some water and keep your breast milk to yourself. How is this even a question? Who knows what the stepmom has in her breast milk? And even if her milk is perfectly safe it is beyond inappropriate. A little too Hand That Rocks The Cradle for me, but maybe I’m overreacting? A growing number of women are buying breast milk online from strangers. But that’s mom’s choice. In this case she wasn’t given a choice.

What about you? How would you feel if you found out your toddler’s stepmom gave her breast milk?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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