Steve Jobs Action Figure: Creepy? Or Epic Geek Toy? (Photos)

Steve Jobs action figure toy doll
The Steve Jobs action figure toy, for $99!

A Steve Jobs action figure may not be the perfect tribute to a great man who inspired and changed many lives, but it might just be the perfect epic geek toy.

In Icons will sell these Steve Jobs 12-inch action figures beginning in February. At $99 per Steve, it’s certainly not child’s play.

The Steve Jobs toy is more of a collector’s item for Jobs’ fans than it is plaything for your kid … unless your kid is a fan of all things Apple too?

The Jobs action figure is eerily Steve-like, with the little guys sporting the signature black turtleneck, jeans and glasses.

The In Icons site said the toy was created “to honor the American icon and great visionary Steve Jobs.”

The figure comes with a chair and black socks, plus a backdrop reading “One More Thing” and two apples.

Strangely, no iPhone or iPad comes with the action figure, though you do get two extra pair of hands. So there’s that.

Anyone else getting a creepy vibe here?

  • Steve Jobs action figure 1 of 12
    Steve Jobs action figure
    Creepy or cool?
  • Jobs examines the iPhone 2 of 12
    Jobs examines the iPhone
    Check out the detail!
  • Amazing likeness 3 of 12
    Amazing likeness
    Including glasses and wedding band.
  • Behold 4 of 12
    Steve Jobs action figure and Apple.
  • Presentation mode 5 of 12
    Presentation mode
    iPad presentation with Steve action figure.
  • Wrists … um? 6 of 12
    Wrists ... um?
    Totally creepy.
  • Signature poses 7 of 12
    Signature poses
    With Apple computer, perched on chair.
  • Accessories 8 of 12
    New Balance sneakers, jeans ... and, yes, extra hands.
  • Lifelike Steve 9 of 12
    Lifelike Steve
    Will this toy ever make it to market?
  • Too lifelike 10 of 12
    Too lifelike
    It's likely Apple will block the company from selling the action figure.
  • The man… 11 of 12
    The man...
    The doll.
  • Well? 12 of 12
    Would you buy a Steve Jobs action figure for $99?

photos: In Icons

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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