Sticks and Stones: My Son Cut His Hair So Another Child Would Stop Calling Him a Girl (VIDEO)

It is one of those parenting moments you *think* you are prepared for … but really, you aren’t. Definitely not from your happy-go-lucky child. Definitely not from your lovable nothing-phases-me child. That second when you realize the “mean kids” have won this round and your child wants to change something — their weight, their clothes, their hair — just to make the hurtful words stop.

The Mama Bear in me wants to handle it a different way. But, I know that isn’t the option. I know my job is to teach my children self-confidence and the power of their own words, but damn … it isn’t easy.

Cooper is five. That’s him right there. He’s always had longish-blond hair. And it suits him. When he started kindergarten this year, there was a little boy who asked him if he was a girl.  Not just once, but repeatedly. Coop and I chatted about it, and he handled it by using his words and standing up for himself.

But apparently, the taunting continued. And this week, my small dude broke. And that hair? More or less gone.

This is how it happened … I’d love your thoughts …

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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