Stressed Mothers Spontaneously Abort Male Fetuses

Lose your job and you can lose your male baby. That’s one way of looking at the conclusions of this study.

Okay, I’m not gonna lie, I’m not sure I get all the implications behind this, but here’s what I understand from the results of this study from the University of California, Berkeley:

Evolution created a preservation trigger in females for times of great duress by encouraging the bodies of stressed women to void themselves of male fetuses. And all this has to do with famines. Oh and now losing your job can cause your body to miscarry a boy.


Okay, let’s keep going. In times of harsh conditions, namely the aforementioned famines, the continuation of humanity relies more on females being born than males because one male can produce many children while one female is somewhat more limited. Thus, with more females out there, the better the chances of more births and the human race continuing on in the face of, you know, lots of dying people.

Now in the first world we don’t have as much of a famine problem, but the pregnant female body still has the wiring to react to stress hormones by rejecting male fetuses. The study found massive layoffs result in less boys being born. End point: when the chips are down, girl babies win out.

Source: The Economist

Article Posted 9 years Ago

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