Strollerderby Casts Sesame Street's Mad Men Parody

dondraperSince news broke that Sesame Street is indeed planning a spoof of Mad Men, the Web has been abuzz with attempts to cast the show. But let’s face it: who knows the Sesame Street cast better than a bunch of parenting writers?

So here at Strollerderby we’ve taken our Jim Henson know-how and mixed it with some late night only for Mom and Dad TV watching to come up with something finer than the smoothest bourbon on Roger Sterling’s bar.

In the role of Don Draper . . . Alistair Cookie (aka the host of Masterpiece Theater).


Suave. Debonnaire. With a taste for mystery . . . and cookies. And don’t forget Alistair’s propensity for smoking, a habit shared by . . . well pretty much every one on the entire show.

In the role of Pete Campbell . . . Guy Smiley

guy-smileyExcitable, enthusiastic, but what’s he hiding behind that smarmy grin?

In the role of Joan Holloway . . . Zoe

zoeOk, so most people have been calling for Miss Piggy to reprise the role of our favorite secretary. But can the porcine blonde really do a redhead proud? Zoe’s got the locks and that extra bit of va va voom.

In the role of Bertram Cooper . . . Herry Monster

herry-monsterGruff and powerful, we can’t ignore the fact that Herry has his own strange proclivities (a la Cooper’s insistence that people remove their shoes upon entering the office).

In the role of Salvator Romano . . . The Amazing Mumford

amazing-mumfordFond of fabulous clothes and swishing hands, Mumford is a man of mystery. Romano thinks he is.

There’s been a lot of debate over whether non Sesame Street Muppets count, so we gave that a whirl too:

Jimmy Barrett: Fozzie Bear (albeit an oilier version)

Harry Crane: Scooter (look at those glasses!)

Pete: Sam the Bald Eagle (both equally self-righteous)

Don Draper: Kermit (he’s the lead, so who else could it be? Kermie doesn’t do supporting roles)

We’re only a small way through the cast, but who do you think can make it from Sesame Street to Madison Avenue (try to stay away from these picks and come up with new ones!).

Images: Muppet.wikia/ Jon Hamm photo via AMC

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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