Student Jody Steel Creates Stunning Doodles on Her Legs! (Photos)

My daughter loves to draw, but rarely on paper. Her preferred mediums are cardboard boxes, old clothing, and her own skin, the latter being her most favorite place to doodle. Methinks my little 7-year-old has a kindred spirit in the artist, filmmaker, and student Jody Steel.

Jody Steel goes to Emerson College, and when she isn’t doing illustrations on actual paper during her classes, she is creating artistic masterpieces, albeit temporary, on her limbs. And her art (and legs) have become famous.

“Completely unexpected,” Steel said of this new attention. “Obviously you always hope your art will be seen, but I wasn’t expecting it to go so big and international.”

Jody has divided her time in class between paying attention and doodling, but insists she’s a straight-A student and has earned the respect of her professors, one of whom — Cynthia Miller — was so impressed by her doodles that she hired her to illustrate her upcoming book.

“Jody was a terrific student, contrary to the stories that have sprung up about her doodling out of boredom,” Miller told the Boston Globe. “She was always multitasking. She was attentive and right in the thick of things in class discussion, but with the creative part of her brain always working at the same time. I think she processed material better, actually, when she was drawing.”

And now Jody is getting even more job offers from her recent fame. So next time your kid starts doodling on their limbs, let them.

Check out some of Jody Steel’s art work right here:

  • Burka 1 of 11

    A beautiful leg piece that seems to float in space and keeps an eye on our artist.

  • Neil Gaiman 2 of 11

    A portrait of the author Neil Gaiman, a man who would probably appreciate the oddity of such a tribute.

  • Breaking Bad 3 of 11

    Yes, EVERYONE has Breaking Bad fever.

  • Meow 4 of 11

    Raise your hand if you'd like this actually tattooed on your leg.

  • Flower 5 of 11

    This gives a new meaning to the term "flower girl."

  • Elephant 6 of 11

    An elephant that lives, quite comfortably, on her thigh.

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt 7 of 11

    Apparently Jody has a thing for Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

  • Game of Thornes 8 of 11

    A stunning portrait of Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thornes, dragon included.

  • Outer Space 9 of 11

    Wowza, this one is trippy. She's got the universe inside her leg!

  • What’s Inside 10 of 11

    This one is quite the optical illusion, stunningly yet shockingly good.

  • Bones 11 of 11

    I hope people weren't in shock when they saw her walking around with this torn flesh look. But you know, it would be perfect for Halloween.


Photo Source: with permission from Jody




Article Posted 3 years Ago

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