Study Finds Men Feel Hot Post Baby

How Men Feel After Having a BabyIf you are currently pregnant, in addition to expecting a precious newborn post-delivery, there is something else you may want to prepare yourself for. The guy in your life may have joined you in gaining pregnancy pounds but, once baby is here it’s likely things will change and Mr. Handsome will come to love his post baby life. While the sleep and increased responsibility is a challenge for parents the hotness is definitely a perk — for men anyway.

While we are aware that babies and puppies can help when it comes to meeting both new friends and potential love interests it goes even further than that. Research has found that women aren’t the only ones who are into guys with cute little babies. Turns out guys with cute little babies happen to be into themselves too. Having a baby in tow seems to give men a boost when it comes to their self confidence.

According to a Yahoo Shine article, as reported by Allure, a study in the Journal of Gender Studies stated that participants felt “significantly more attractive in the first year after having a kid.” The wives of the fathers on the other hand did not. While there are things that we can do to feel sexier postpartum between exhaustion, hair loss, the loose skin, stretch marks, and other physical implications many women experience after having a baby, it seems logical that women don’t always feel sexy. What is most interesting is the fact that, although short lived, men do. For more on this study visit Yahoo Shine.

What are your thoughts on this? Did you or your partner feel sexier after having a baby?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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