Study Proves What We All Know: Kids Ask a Whole Lot of Questions

Question mark boy“What are we having for dinner?”
“Why is it cloudy today when it was sunny yesterday?’
“How many miles is it to Paris?”

That is just a sampling of the eclectic mix of questions that I get asked by my very curious 1st grader. Some answers are easy.

“What are we having for dinner?”
Roast chicken, potatoes and green beans.

“Why is it cloudy today when it was sunny yesterday?’
Well, the weather changes everyday, and springtime can be unpredictable.

“How many miles is it to Paris?”
11,126 (yeah, we had to look that one up).

But everyday there seems to be a constant stream of questions about just about everything from my kid. And this is apparently perfectly normal and very, very common. According to the retailer, in their recent study they found that children ask about 300 questions a day. One group, four-year-old girls, seems to be even more curious, asking about 380 questions per day. And on the other end of the kid question scale were nine-year-old boys who asked, on average, about 144 questions per day.

Another interesting aspect of the study was the place and time when children asked the most questions. Number one was during meals, number two was while shopping and coming in third was storytime.

Do you think that the 300 questions per day is accurate? do you kids ask more or less questions?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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