Study Says Sleep Deprivation Is Bad for My Marriage but Here’s Why I’m Not Sleeping (PHOTOS)

These days a good night’s sleep seems to be the remedy for most things. As noted in a recent article by Your Tango, sleep can impact everything from stress levels to your memory to your love life. Yes, that’s right, your love life. Turns out most people are not using all that time they aren’t sleeping for lovemaking.

A study that came out of the University of California found that less sleep might result in a less appreciative partner. It was found that couples that weren’t resting had a hard time valuing each other.

“You may have slept like a baby, but if your partner didn’t, you’ll probably both end up grouchy.”

Turns out the person who feels they didn’t get as much sleep is struggling a little bit more when it comes to appreciating their spouse. I agree, wholeheartedly. A lack of sleep does make for some cranky folks here in my house. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve given my husband eye daggers as he slept (or pretended to sleep) beside me while I sat rocking our sweet baby girl to sleep.  But that’s the thing: we have a baby, so while studies and doctors will recommend plenty of sleep, a full night’s sleep isn’t all that realistic for where we are in our lives right now.

In all actuality neither of us are getting much sleep these days (although for the record, I am certain I am getting far less). We are exhausted and sometimes we are a little cranky. While we may struggle to value each other in our moments of exhaustion, we are thankful that we get to do this parenting thing together. And having a little one at home has reminded us of how important it is that we work together (i.e. Can you hold the baby so I can go pee?!).

As sleep deprived as we are, we wouldn’t have it any other way because our tiredness these days is symbolic of the fact that we are parents. Having an 8-year-old as well, we know that this time in our lives in which interrupted sleep is something we may only dream about will one day be a distant memory, a memory we try to relive as we look at old photos and reminisce.

For more on the study visit Your Tango, but before you go take a look at some Instagram photos of our littlest miss. We happen to think she’s pretty easy on the eyes; even tired, glassy, sleep deprived eyes.


  • A baby! 1 of 25
    A baby!
    From the moment I felt an inkling that I was pregnant, the sleepless nights started and the nausea began. Add a pregnancy scare and my mind was consumed with worry.
  • Bigger = More Uncomfortable 2 of 25
    Bigger = More Uncomfortable
    The bigger I got the more uncomfortable I got. I also stopped taking many photos where you could see my face. Bags under my eyes weren't my best look. Also, my nose had grown!
  • Finally! 3 of 25
    After what felt like forever she finally arrived. And then I lost more sleep worrying that she wasn't nursing enough. Despite having done this before I had no idea babies slept so much following birth.
  • 10 tiny toes… 4 of 25
    10 tiny toes...
    Who needs sleep?! I have lots to do. Like oooh and awww over baby feet.
  • Hush little baby… 5 of 25
    Hush little baby...
    I was amazed that I could love another little person so much. And although tired I knew how fast time would go by. My wrinkly newborn wouldn't be a newborn for long.
  • Resting on her mama’s chest. 6 of 25
    Resting on her mama's chest.
    At 5 months old the days in which she would lay on my chest seem to have gone. I am thankful for all the moments I spent just like this.
  • So there’s this thing called bedtime… 7 of 25
    So there's this thing called bedtime...
    This is when I explained to her that there was such a thing as bedtime (whaaaat?!). Her big sister has one. Her day will come.
  • Baby’s first doctor appointment. 8 of 25
    Baby's first doctor appointment.
    The day of her first doctor appointment, another milestone that isn't really a milestone but makes you feel like everything is happening so fast.
  • A favorite sleeping position. 9 of 25
    A favorite sleeping position.
    For a few days this was the only way she would fall asleep. Obviously if we were holding her like this we weren't sleeping.
  • Those eyes. 10 of 25
    Those eyes.
    I often found myself getting lost in them.
  • Napping on the go. 11 of 25
    Napping on the go.
    Daddy is so tired (of mommy's frequent Target trips)!
  • Post Bathtime. 12 of 25
    Post Bathtime.
    Sometimes she falls asleep right after a bath. But putting on her pajamas always wakes her right up.
  • Mittens! 13 of 25
    When she got sleepy she would rub her eyes (and still does). I think I might of cried once or twice when I got sleepy.
  • “I Voted” 14 of 25
    "I Voted"
    We got up early and headed to the polls as a family. One family member fell asleep while in line.
  • I am thankful for these two. And clean clothes. 15 of 25
    I am thankful for these two. And clean clothes.
    As you can see by this picture not only am I NOT sleeping but I am NOT staying on top of folding laundry either.
  • No! It can’t be morning already! 16 of 25
    No! It can't be morning already!
    Like mother like daughter. Some of us don't like to be disturbed when we are sleeping.
  • Style trumped sleep. 17 of 25
    Style trumped sleep.
    I needed to wake up early so I could dress her in cute little outfits that she will outgrow in a month.
  • Daytime, nighttime. What’s the difference? 18 of 25
    Daytime, nighttime. What's the difference?
    Wide awake (and styling in a hat made by big sister).
  • Selfies now. Sleepies later. 19 of 25
    Selfies now. Sleepies later.
    The three of us have mastered selfies. And thanks to me, the littlest might believe that beds are for selfies and occasional sleepies.
  • Baby’s 1st Christmas! 20 of 25
    Baby's 1st Christmas!
    What kid sleeps on Christmas? Seriously.
  • Teething already? 21 of 25
    Teething already?
    Teething is happening these days. Sometimes we have a happy teether and sometimes we have a not-so-happy teether.
  • Right after a catnap. 22 of 25
    Right after a catnap.
    Our little one has mastered the catnap. She sleeps in increments. I beg (also in increments) her to sleep.
  • Sometimes sleeping is serious business around here. 23 of 25
    Sometimes sleeping is serious business around here.
    We have a lot in common these days. Such as an ability to fall asleep almost anywhere and at any moment. One minute she's laughing and cooing and the next minute she's sleeping.
  • On the go. 24 of 25
    On the go.
    No time for sleep. We've got places to go, strollers to haul, and pacifiers to lose (at the worst possible moments).
  • Perhaps sleep is a bit overrated. 25 of 25
    Perhaps sleep is a bit overrated.
    How many times have you found yourself waking up in the middle of the night or stopping whatever you are doing just to make sure she's still breathing. How many times have you stared watching your angels chest rise and fall. I'll gladly give up a little sleep for this.


How about you, is there a little one keeping you and your spouse up at night?

Photo Source: My Instagram

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