Stunning Christmas Light Displays From Around the World

Christmas at Covent Garden in London, England.

If you think Americans have a lock on winning the best Christmas light display award, you are in for a surprise.

Christmas is celebrated all over the world and the light displays put up in honor of the holiday, bringing light and good cheer to the season, can be found everywhere there is electricity and an urge to wow people.

The largesse of some of the displays in countries not normally associated with Christianity may astonish you, but the love of electronic whiz-bang-ery in Asian countries should probably be a clue as to which countries have the best, most elaborate light shows.

  • Seoul, South Korea 1 of 16
    Seoul, South Korea
    If this is just one section of the lights, imagine the rest of the display. Wow.
    Photo Credit: James Creegan
  • Yokohama, Japan 2 of 16
    Yokohama, Japan
    I love the lights on this ship, with the ferris wheel in the background.
    Photo Credit: Kazuhiko Teramoto
  • Vilnius, Lithuania 3 of 16
    Vilnius, Lithuania
    Gediminas Avenue lit for the Christmas season.
    PHoto Credit: Eugenijus Radlinskas
  • Madrid, Spain 4 of 16
    Madrid, Spain
    GIant snowflakes create a ceiling over the Plaza Mayor in Madrid. The theme changes year to year, but it always floats above the square.
    Photo Credit: Uzi Yachin
  • Dublin, Ireland 5 of 16
    Dublin, Ireland
    This French-designed Christmas tree is lit with thousands of LED bulbs and cycles through colors. It lights up O'Connell Street in Dublin.
    Photo Credit: William Murphy
  • Hong Kong 6 of 16
    Hong Kong
    Hong Kong celebrates the holiday with "Winterfest", which includes, ice skating, holiday lights and over 200 Christmas trees throughout the city.
    Photo Credit: Tommy Wong
  • London, Oxford Street 7 of 16
    London, Oxford Street
    Some of the best light displays are on the smaller streets that line the big avenues, like Carnaby Street or Oxford.
    Photo Credit: gorfor
  • London, Regent Street 8 of 16
    London, Regent Street
    One of London's most trafficked streets during the holiday season, it's beautiful blanket of stars netted over the street never fails to delight.
    Photo Credit: Lars Plougmannr
  • Singapore 9 of 16
    Ion Orchard, a luxury mall in the Orchard Road district, spares no expense in lighting up for Christmas.
    Photo Credit: Wenjie Zhang
  • Orchard Road, Singapore 10 of 16
    Orchard Road, Singapore
    Singapore lights Orchard Road in a dazzling display of Christmas lights yearly. This year they put out a call for a 1000 volunteers to line the street holding candles that would light simultaneously when the street lights were lit.
    Photo Credit: hslo
  • Rome, Italy 11 of 16
    Rome, Italy
    The world capital for Catholicism has beautiful lights throughout the city. This tree embracing the world, is gorgeous.
    Photo Credit: Stefano Costantini
  • Sydney, Australia 12 of 16
    Sydney, Australia
    St. Mary's Cathedral has elaborate scenes projected onto it's facade during the holiday season in Sydney.
    Photo Credit: Beau Giles
  • Sydney, Australia 13 of 16
    Sydney, Australia
    Each projection looks wildly different. The Sydney Town Hall runs a similar light projection scheme that has a stunning affect.
    Photo Credit: Beau Giles
  • Berlin, Germany 14 of 16
    Berlin, Germany
    There are spectacular lights all over Berlin, this photo is of Tauentzien from Wittenberg Platz.
    Photo Credit: das_sabrinchen
  • Nagoya Station, Tokyo, Japan 15 of 16
    Nagoya Station, Tokyo, Japan
    This elaborate light display creating a cathedral facade is, according to the photographer, about five stories high. is hanging above tunnels of lights that spectators can walk through.
    Photo Credit: Benjamin Hollis
    (For another stunning Japanese display of lights, not Christmas-related, but lit during the same time frame, in Kobe, click here.)
  • Shinjuku Southern Lights, Japan 16 of 16
    Shinjuku Southern Lights, Japan
    This is one small part of an elaborate display.
    Photo Credit: Kimura

Photo credit: ©Scillystuff via Flickr.

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