Stunning Video of Baby Girl Flung From Car During Crash (She Survives!)

I know everyone prefaces their video posts with “amazing video” and all that but seriously, I can say – without reservation – that this is truly one of the most shocking pieces of video I have ever viewed.

As ABC News reports, some jackass in Russia was driving on an icy highway with a 1-year-old who wasn’t strapped into a car seat. In fact, police say the 53-year-old man had placed the baby “like a doll” on the shelf under the back windshield.

The man lost control on the freeway. The car narrowly missed slamming head-on into a semi and clips the back end of the large truck instead. The baby comes flying out the back window and is very nearly hit by a second semi which veers off the road at the last second. The whole thing is captured on the dashboard camera of a car driving directly behind the crash.

According to Russian news reports the driver lost control of his Mitsubishi SUV because he was trying to pass the car that contained the dashcam. On an icy highway. With a 1-year-old stuffed in the back window.

Moments after the crash, the driver scooped up the girl and rushed to put her back in the car. Russian news reports say she suffered injuries to her head and face. I’m not sure how serious the injuries are, or if they’re going to get rid of this guy via firing squad pronto, as most of the reports are in Russian. Needless to say, her survival is nothing short of miraculous.

In the video below you an see the driver veer into oncoming traffic in an attempt to pass a vehicle, lose control, clip the first truck, the baby falls out and is almost hit by a second truck. The replay will highlight the baby. Absolutely stunning.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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