10 Super Annoying Couple Habits

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you’ve cringed at ridiculous couple behavior. I suppose when you’re all love-crazed in a delicious new relationship it’s easy to lose sight of socially acceptable behavior, being all freshly sexed up and all.

For the rest of us who are neither in new relationships nor freshly sexed, y’all are killing even the romantics among us.

Take a look at the 10 most annoying habits of couples and let us know of any we missed in the comments below!

  • All about us 1 of 10
    All about us
    Perhaps you landed a new job, found out you were pregnant, or plan to move. Guess what, your friend's boyfriend Billy works too, he was a baby once, and his family moved when he was 6; small world!
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  • Pukey PDA 2 of 10
    Pukey PDA
    Even the cynics among us appreciate a genuine gesture of love. What we don't appreciate is bearing witness to foreplay. Get a room!
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  • Sickeningly sweet 3 of 10
    Sickeningly sweet
    From your sugary pet names to your compulsion to finish each other's sentences, might we suggest adding a adding a colicky infant and a marriage certificate into the mix? Just sayin'.
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  • We-diness 4 of 10
    "We" love that restaurant. "We" hated that movie. "We" lost ourselves so completely in each other that we pee holding hands. Guess what, WE are not amused.
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  • Slow walkers 5 of 10
    Slow walkers
    What is it about so-in-love couples that makes them walk so slow? Is it the stopping every five seconds to kiss in a loving embrace? Did he stop to notice the way the sunlight reflects on her hair? Or is it just the fact the world stopped turning entirely?
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  • One love, one calendar 6 of 10
    One love, one calendar
    Your best girlfriend can no longer commit to anything until she checks with her boyfriend first. I mean obviously, they might already have plans to stare into each other's eyes.
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  • Drama duo 7 of 10
    Drama duo
    Not only do they fight in public, they attempt to drag you in and make you choose sides. This is the same couple who continually bitches about each other, only to turn around and have hot make-up sex.
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  • We never fight 8 of 10
    We never fight
    "We never fight" they say as they hold hands and agree on everything from how amazing his mother is to which Kardashian is their favorite. We're not buying it.
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  • Social media missteps 9 of 10
    Social media missteps
    Your gushy love letter and bitch session status updates have no business on my Facebook feed. Dislike!
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  • Baby talk 10 of 10
    Baby talk
    Psychology Today suggests couples that engage in baby talk "may have an especially healthy long-term relationship." Interesting. Then again, couples who engage in baby talk may find themselves without friends.
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What else annoys you about couples?

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