Super Creepy Photos Released Of Polygamist Warren Jeffs And His Child Brides

Just when you thought he couldn't possibly get any creepier...

Polygamist leader and longtime child molester Warren Jeffs was sentenced to life in prison this week for sexually assaulting two underage followers he took as brides.

Now, more photos of the 55-year-old and his dozens of child brides have been released. Many of the photos you are about to see were used as evidence during his trial.

I worked at Fox 13 News in Salt Lake City for several years. They have dozens of the photos on their website and have generously allowed me to use a few of them to show you exactly what these disgusting old polygamist men are doing to thousands of girls often young enough to be their granddaughters.

The photos are seemingly everyday photos of life as a polygamist, but they are fascinating. And disturbing.

A note:  the faces in these pictures have been blurred to protect the identities of any crime victims.

See the photos after the jump.

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If you find these as disturbingly fascinating as I do, there are about eight billion more over on (Hey, he had A LOT of wives) that you can check out.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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