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    1: I am insanely punctual

    Why I Am a Supermom: I am insanely punctual My kids are who they are. The most I can do to give them a leg up in the future is shove a plate of broccoli at them once in a while and read to them when they’ll let me. But there’s one effort I make as a mom that I know will serve my kids well. Thanks to me, my children will always be on time. Always.

    Punctuality is something of a neurosis of mine. I’m not sure where it comes from, but this gift — let’s call it a gift — has served me well. I’m convinced I got more than one job for the mere fact that I showed up to an interview before the boss.

    All three of my kids were born at least two weeks after their due dates, but that’s the last time they pulled that crap. I can already tell my oldest, at 10, has not only the gift, but the accompanying neurosis. She’s as dedicated to that zero on her school tardies report as I am. My 6-year-old is a little more skeptical, but she’s coming around.

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    2: I bake. And I'm kind of awesome at it.

    Why I Am a Supermom: I bake. And I'm kind of awesome at it. In many ways I am the antithesis of the traditional homemaker type. I am hopelessly messy (both in home maintenance and personal presentation). The very idea of having to do housework fills me with what another messy friend of mine calls Stepford Wife Anxiety. And I’ve already discussed my hair.

    But I am zealous about baking with and for my kids.

    Just to be clear, I don’t in any way think this is a requirement for good mothering. I sometimes wonder whether if it’s a waste of energy. But for me, personally, baking is hard-wired to motherhood. There was once a story line on In Treatment where a patient reflects on her dead mom and how she stopped baking when she started chemo. When I heard this, I worried about dying. But I also worried about not being able to bake.

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    3: I ignore my kid. Regularly.

    Why I Am a Supermom: I ignore my kid. Regularly. If there was one thing I couldn’t stand as a kid, it was when my mom didn’t hear me. Not because she was out of earshot, but because she turned on her Super Special Mother Selective Listening Device and tuned me out.

    Many people probably think it too difficult or cruel or worthy of a visit from Child Protective Services to turn a deaf ear to the woeful cries of her child. But often I realize that if I don’t, I might start crying louder than she does. When she starts weeping about the shape of her pasta or that her sippy cup isn’t full enough or the moon is hiding behind the clouds and reasoning with her for a few minutes doesn’t seem to curb the noise, that’s when I switch the button to On.

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    4: I am a supercuddler

    Why I Am a Supermom: I am a supercuddler Mother’s Day is coming up. And when faced with this day that honors a mother’s work as caregiver, playmate, chef, chauffeur, taskmaster and disciplinarian, many of us moms … we go there. We reflect on the job we are doing.

    I asked my 5-year-old daughter what I was “great” at in a fun “let’s play a game” sort of way — not in a grilling session that would send her to the therapy chair any time soon.

    What I realized in this short conversation was how important cuddling is to her. We are quite a cuddly family, curling up together whenever we can. I know how much I love it and how much it means to me, but I didn’t quite realize how important it was to her. Good thing I’m apparently really good at it.

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    5: I work

    Why I Am a Supermom: I workBeing a working mother feels like a constant compromise. When I’m at work I’m distracted by my kids. When I’m with the kids, I always have work at the back of my mind. I’m never fully in one world or the other. Working and parenting are a tightrope walk: give too much to either, and the other will fall apart.

    But here’s what I think I’m doing right: it’s good for them to see me living my dreams, to see me thriving in a career I love, to see me having boundaries and prioritizing my own needs and desires along with theirs. I hope they’ll learn from my example and fiercely claim the lives that they want as adults, whatever shape those lives take.

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    6: I remember being a kid

    Why I Am a Supermom: I remember being a kid When my oldest daughter, Amanda, started to listen to real music (beyond Barney songs) and getting interested in bands, instead of telling her the bands swore in the songs or sang about sex and violence, I used it as an opportunity to discuss those issues.

    Our kids may be young, but they’re not stupid. They deserve more credit than we sometimes give them. I never wanted my children to feel as though I was talking down to them or seeing them as anything other than full people. I realize that they have come into my life completely different and distinct in their own right, and I am merely privileged to be their mother.

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    7: I am inexplicably patient

    Why I Am a Supermom: I am inexplicably patient This morning, my son’s first words as I opened his door to lift him out of his crib:
    “Is it a school day?”
    “Yes, Love, it’s a school day.”
    “Is it a shorts day?”
    “Today it’s cloudy and cold, so it’s a pants day.”
    The tears that followed would indicate I had told him we were canceling his birthday, or I was flushing his blankie down the toilet. My son has decided that wearing shorts is akin to happiness and all that is good in life. Pants are just the opposite. I’ve never considered myself the most patient person. In fact, before I had a baby it worried me a bit that my patience would be too thin, but in a strange turn of events, I seem to have produced a well of calm that I can draw from in moments like these.

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