Suri Cruise's Heels: Good Enough for Your Kid?

suri-cruiseLet’s face it: I’m old. And I chase a four-year-old around. I don’t get to wear anything higher than a sneaker these days. So call it jealousy . . . or sanity . . . I was a tad disturbed when I saw Suri Cruise strutting her stuff in kitten heels the other day.

Reported by our own Sunny Chanel over on Babble’s Droolicious, the picture shows the world’s most famous three-year-old in a pair of sparkly heels that are definitely higher than anything I’ve worn in the past five years (four years of my child’s life PLUS pregnancy).

According to definitions, a kitten heel is defined as a stiletto somewhere between three and five centimeters high (thank you Wikipedia!). So here’s the question: who buys their kid high heels?

I’m not talking about the plastic dress-up pairs that are ubiquitous to every trunk on the market (my daughter has seven pairs of those – count ’em, seven, Grandma and Grandpa). Dress up is a fun part of nearly every kid’s childhood – boy or girl. But the little Cruise-bot wasn’t teetering around in the dress-up shoes that she just “had” to wear outside, please, oh please, oh please, mommy. Those look an awful lot like regular heels to me.

Which leads me to my second question: who MAKES high heels for kids that age?

Known for causing the spine to curve forward and the pelvis to tip, grown women are advised to lay off the style and go for comfort, comfort, comfort when it comes to picking their footwear. A study in England showed a twenty-nine million pound industry for foot surgeons off of high heel wearers, and another found four in ten women wearing high heels end up with twisted ankles.

So let’s refresh: back problems, foot problems, ankle problems. And they’re making these ready-made for itty bitty feet?

I told you, I’m old. And jealous. And not really thinking about the sexi-fication of a toddler (the shocker of the year came to me last year when a three-year-old strutted into my daughter’s pre-school in high-heeled boots which she had dubbed her “f–k me boots.”). I’m still caught up on teeny weeny, still fragile ankles, feet and backs all at risk because someone thought kitten heels would be cute for their little kitten.

Anyone else thinking this is ick-tastic?

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