Surprise! Woman Had NO Clue She Was Pregnant — Gives Birth in Bathroom

Suprise! It's a Baby!

Every now and then we get wind of these stories. And I don’t know about you, but every time I hear one of these tales I’m still shocked. How could a grown woman go full term with a pregnancy and not know she is pregnant?

Most of us? We have the telltale signs; odd food cravings, morning sickness, mood changes, oh and don’t forget about that great big belly. But not Melissa Judd of Sunman, Ind., she had none of those. This woman – who had a surprise birth in her bathroom – actually had one symptom that would usually never happen with a pregnancy…

she reportedly lost weight during her pregnancy, not gained weight saying, “I lost weight. I lost 15 to 20 pounds,”

Judd claims she had absolutely no idea she was pregnant. “There wasn’t any difference (or) any changes,”  her boyfriend Nate Smith said. “Her mood was not different.” She also said she didn’t encounter any morning sickness or anything else suspicious.At the time of the birth she was cleaning her house. “I was feeling (cramps) so I thought I had to use the bathroom and, well, surprise!” Judd said. “I thought, ‘I’m here by myself, so I have to do this alone.'” And she did. Twenty minutes later she delivered her baby, a five pound, nine ounce baby boy. “As soon as he was out, his eyes (opened and started) looking around, crying,” Judd said. “He was purple though, so I was scared to death.”

Fortunately, her neighbor is an EMT and she went to him for assistance. “I (came) running to her, and I saw she (had) a baby in her hands and blood all over her,” her neighbor Keith Bradley said. “I’m like, ‘Where’d that come from?'”

She was rushed to the local hospital and the 911 dispatcher contacted her boyfriend, who thought it was a crank call.  “I drove to the hospital, and sure enough, there they were,” Smith said. “I would have never known. When I heard (about) it, I thought I was going to pass out.”

But now that the baby is here, they see him as a miracle and are reportedly thrilled.

Seriously how could a woman not know she was pregnant? Do you think some people are just out of touch with their bodies or could someone have a symptomless pregnancy?

Image: Screen Shot from KLWT

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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