3 Surprising Places I Hate To Take My Kids

I don't mind taking my four kids to Target but to a play date? That's a whole other story...

Unlike Jill, as she writes at the Stir that one of the places she dreads taking her kids is Target, I actually enjoy bringing my kids along to Tar-jay. It’s one of the few places I can let my two-year old walk and not be in the cart. Maybe it’s also because we all know the layout like the back of our hands and they don’t wander off. Maybe it’s also because I just have mad love for Target and am blinded by all else. No, for me, my most dreaded places to take my kids might be surprising to some. Or maybe you can totally relate?

Places that do make me practically need to breathe into a paper bag:

1. My Own Family Parties

Yes, taking the kids to my own family’s get-togethers drives me batty. Mostly because often anything I say or do goes out the window. Like, “you can only have one treat” and then the relatives all totally challenge me in front of them and/or sneak it to them anyway. I also hate how (probably because of that) the kids go to my parents to ask permission for things instead of me or my husband. At the same time I often feel like my parenting is under a microscope and I’m not able to be as comfortable, or “myself” and so I get all uptight and am not a fun mom. I realize this is all because of my own insecurities. I’m shaky just typing this!

2. Play Dates

When most of the kids are all firstborns and under two years old- that? to me? is like the worst torture in the world. New moms mixed with a mom like me (old mom with a 4th-born two year old) is just not the best recipe. My child is too rough or doesn’t “share” or makes them nervous and goes up the slide instead of down. It’s no fun for my kid either, as I find myself correcting her for… being a kid. I know that someday those moms will loosen up but I just don’t enjoy being the wise old owl or the guinea pig for all that. So, we avoid at all costs.

3. Classmate Birthday Parties

I don’t feel comfortable leaving my kids with people I do not know at a public place nor in a strange home. So I stay and try to “help” but usually just sit to the side like a weirdo. Or rather, we just RSVP “no”.

Where do you absolutely hate to go with your kids? Do you avoid any specific place with your kids because it makes you crazy?

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Child-unfriendly: 10 places this mom doesn’t want to see your kids — or hers!

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