Survey Says: Computer Problems Can Result in Relationship Problems

ignoringspouseonlaptopMy laptop and I have a love hate relationship. I’m convinced it hates me. You see, my laptop seems to be well aware of the fact that I need it way more than it needs me. When it does something wrong — eats my blog posts, freezes, stops connecting to WIFI or dies right before I can reach for the charger, I often declare just how much I hate computers. And then, I tell my husband how much easier things would be if we broke down and bought a new one.

Apparently, I am making a huge mistake. Turns out the love hate relationship I have with my computer can impact the other relationships in my life including, the one I have with my husband.

As cited in Your Tango a survey by found that “two out of every five U.S. adults who reported having a computer also reported having computer-related issues in their relationship.”

While a widespread complaint from spouses is that one person spends too much time “plugged in” whether it is via computer or cellphone, issues can be experienced as a result of computer problems.

“A computer’s performance can increase or lower stress in a relationship.”

Because my computer often works against me rather than with me I do experience some level of stress related to it. When there is suddenly an “error” and Microsoft needs to close (right before I remember to hit save and then, of course, it fails to retrieve my document via auto save) I may or may not freak out just a little. And, subsequently, I may or may not become a little irritable and less pleasant to be around.

So while my focus has been on trying to unplug more often, it should also be on the quality of the time I do spend on the computer and how I respond when I feel like mine hates me. Because the last thing I want is my husband to shut down because my technology woes got to me and our relationship.

On that note, I’m logging off the computer and going to spend some time with my husband. No cell phone, no me typing feverishly on my laptop, just us. Most likely doing one of these 12 things. At least until he falls asleep. By that time I will be ready to make up with my laptop. For more on how computers can impact your relationship visit Your Tango.


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