SWAT Team Storms Middle School After Admin's 'Butt-Dial'

dialer, unlock phone
Lock the phones or call in a SWAT team.


A SWAT teams was called to Carelton Washburne School, a middle-school near Chicago, after the wife of one of its employees thought he was being held hostage.

After receiving a call from her husband, who the school wasn’t identifying, and hearing violent words and her husbands garbled voice, she called 911. Help was set into motion.

Fearing a hostage situation, emergency responders called in a SWAT team, who stormed the Chicago-area middle school in bullet-proof vest and helmets and searched for the man — for three hours.

But guess where he was found.

At home.

So why did he call his wife? According to, he didn’t. He accidentally sat on his phone while driving home. Those violent, hostage-taking words? Gangsta rap.

The Superintendent of Carelton Washburne School aid the administrator and his wife are embarrassed by the incident. Law enforcement say they won’t be charged for the misunderstanding. Parents of the school have been reassured that most the 500 children, who had already been released for the day, were never in danger.

Good thing this happened after school hours, since news of a SWAT team at their children’s school may have caused panic among the parents.

It’s also amazing that butt-dialing doesn’t cause this kind of thing more often at school, especially since plenty of middle-schoolers carry cell phones. This is a great reminder to tell kids to, if not turn them off, then set them in lock mode before settling in to their uncomfortable desk chairs.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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