Swine Flu Threatens Life of Pregnant Woman, Her Unborn Child

The 25 year old mother had not been vaccinated for the swine flu.

A pregnant mother of four is in the fight for her life. Fallon Devaney, 25, was admitted to the hospital last week after experiencing shortness of breath and flu-like symptoms. She was immediately diagnosed with swine flu and checked into the intensive-care unit, where she was placed into a medically induced coma as doctors work feverishly to save both her life as well as the life of her unborn child.

The Daily Mail reported yesterday that since her arrival, Devaney’s condition has actually worsened. Her doctors fear that she’s contracted pneumonia. Her mother, Linda Fearney, has been told by doctors that her daughter and her unborn grandchild could both die. The 46 year old woman told the Daily Mail, “It’s getting to the stage we had feared and the baby is taking a lot of her strength. The doctors have said they might need to do something about it to save Fallon. If she can’t fight it because she’s carrying the baby then we have a very hard decision to make.”

Fearney says that the baby has a strong heartbeat and is doing well right now. However, Devaney, she says, is the doctors’ primary focus. She described her daughter’s condition as “touch and go,” and “near to death.”

Last night, a hospital spokesman told the Daily Mail that Devaney was in critical but stable condition. The spokesman did not comment on Fearney’s assessment of the situation.

The UK government’s chief medical officer has warned that over half of those most seriously effected by the swine flu, like Devaney, had no existing health concerns. Pregnant women, however, are believed to be up to four times more likely to develop serious complications should they actually contract the swine flu.

According to a “swine-flu expert” referred to in the story, many young people are shying away from swine flu vaccines due to “‘utter nonsense’ spread on social networking sites that the jab could prove fatal.”

Meanwhile, all Fearney can do is sit and wait and hope that her daughter, as well as her unborn grandchild, can somehow make it through the life-threatening ordeal.

“Christmas has been totally cancelled…We don’t know if she’s going to survive.”

I know I’m not alone in hoping and praying for the best holiday gift Devaney’s family could ever hope to receive: a full recovery for both mother and child.

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