Taking the Sexy Out of Halloween: Classic Unisex Costume Ideas for Kids

halloween costumes for kids, gender-neutral, unisex
Halloween costumes don't need to be so gender-specific.

Gender and childhood has been a hot-button issue lately, brought to the public’s consciousness when a blogger known as Cop’s Wife “outed” her 5-year-old son in a post last Halloween called My Son is Gay.  Her son dressed as Daphne for Halloween, much to the chagrin of some locals.  Since then, we’ve seen figures like Princess Boy and baby Storm gain media attention as a part of a movement toward a more genderless childhood.

With that trend in mind, and in response to a slew of terribly offensive Halloween costumes designed for young girls, I’ve compiled a list of the best gender-neutral, unisex costumes for your child – boy or girl – this Halloween.  Let’s see if we can take the sexy out of Halloween with these:

  • Peter Pan 1 of 14
    A perennial favorite among boys and girls. I was Peter Pan when I was about 3. My mom made the costume by hand, which seems pretty easy for even the most DIY-challenged of us. Just cut and sew some felt for the tunic, and a hat and a belt! Peter Pan costume available for sale online at Totally Costumes.
  • Clown 2 of 14
    Some clowns are creepy, some clowns are cute, some clowns are happy and some clowns are sad (like most comedians I know). That's what's so great about the clown costume, it's open to interpretation! Photo via Flickr.
  • Pirate 3 of 14
    Argh, matey! A pirate costume is an easy one to pull together from items you have around the house. I wore a memorable pirate costume that my mom made when I was 4. My daughter loves pirates, but she says she wants to be a cat this year. More on animals in a minute... Photo via Flickr.
  • Crayon 4 of 14
    This Crayon costume is available online at Halloween Adventure. But of course there are sexy crayon costumes, as well. Oy.
  • Scarecrow 5 of 14
    Another easy one to put together from items you probably have around the house! I never dressed as a scarecrow as a kid, but we did display a homemade one in our front yard every year. Photo via Flickr.
  • Pumpkin 6 of 14
    Pumpkin costumes are especially popular for infants. Comfy and cute! Photo via Flickr.
  • Ghost 7 of 14
    Thanks to Charlie Brown, everyone knows it's hacky to be a ghost for Halloween, which is why no one does it. Now you have a perfect opportunity to ironically dress your child as a ghost. How hip. Ghost costume available at Amazon, or you know, just grab an old sheet and do your thing.
  • Robot 8 of 14
    Homemade robot costumes always amaze! Photo via Flickr.
  • M&Ms 9 of 14
    And candy or food of any kind, really. Costume available at Totally Costumes. And yes, there are sexy M&Ms costumes for mom, too, if you want to dress as an M&MILF.
  • Monster 10 of 14
    Monsters, like clowns, come in all shapes and stripes. Your child can be a fuzzy monster like the one pictured, or a more traditionally scary monster like Frankenstein. Photo via Flickr.
  • Dinosaur 11 of 14
    What kid doesn't love dinosaurs?! Photo via Flickr.
  • Hippie 12 of 14
    Hey, man... all the boys and girls are doin' it! Photo via Flickr.
  • Animals 13 of 14
    As I mentioned, my daughter wants to be a black cat (again) this year. In the past, her cat costumes (and she's worn two different ones!) have been feminized with glittery skirts, but I like animal costumes best when they're warm, fuzzy and gender-neutral like these. Photo via Flickr.
  • Firefighter 14 of 14
    Or police officer, nurse, etc. Let's celebrate gender equality in the workforce this Halloween! Photo via Flickr.

Main photo via Flickr

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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