Taylor Swift Song Soothes Fussy Baby (Video)

Taylor Swift song soothes fussy baby video
Do you use music to soothe a fussy baby?

We’ve all been there, with the fussy baby who just can’t be soothed, no matter what you pull out of your bag of tricks.

Then you find that magical remedy. And you never let go.

For one of our kids, the sound of a running vacuum put him right to sleep. My rug was never so clean!

For the other, she was always soothed by anything calming you could sing to her “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean” did the trick nicely.

For the tyke in this video, four-month-old baby Wynn fancies himself some Taylor Swift.

His mom, Ellen McBrayer, took a video of Wynn being fussy in the car and immediately calming down when he hears Swift’s “Last Kiss.”

Wynn has a rare congenital heart defect and exerting himself by crying can cause his oxygen levels to dip so much that he turns blue. Obviously, finding that magic remedy to calm him is pretty important.

Taylor Swift’s “Last Kiss” puts him immediately at ease, with mom explaining, “There’s something about her voice. The song touches him. Any mother who has a child that is crying and finds something that soothes him, it’s a relief.”

To add to this happy story, the McBrayer family all got to meet Taylor Swift and she called him on his first birthday he smiled when he heard her voice.

What tricks have you used to soothe a baby? Did music work?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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