Teacher Brilliantly Shows Kids What Happens When They Post Photos of Themselves Online

enhanced-buzz-19078-1385492938-0A fifth grade teacher wanted to show her class what happens when you put photos of yourselves online so she did it in a way they’ll never forget.

As BuzzFeed notes, she posted a photo of herself to Facebook and asked everyone who saw the photo to  click “like” to show her students just how quickly your image can spread around the web.

And what a lesson it was! Within hours the photo was on Reddit and, well, you know what happened after that, right?

Say it with me, folks: PHOTOSHOP.

Lots and lots of photoshop …



I think even the teacher ended up learning her own little lesson.


The moral of this story is: don’t post a photo on the Internet if you don’t want roughly 1/3 of the world seeing it. And photoshopping it.


Her photo started out on Facebook, jumped to Reddit and on to BuzzFeed and a million other websites, being photoshopped all along the way.

It can happen you. And your kids. Pass it on.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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