Teacher Fired for Bikini Modeling Photo


A young high school English teacher got called into the principals office and left without her job.

As The Huffington Post reports, Olivia Sprauer says the principal of the high school forced her to quit after finding out she posed in a bikini for a racy modeling photo.

The 26-year-old (who models under the name Victoriam James) tells The Huffington Post she knew she was taking a risk when the photos were shot in February, but did it anyway.

“Lots of teachers get fired or asked to resign for the same things I did,” Sprauer told HuffPost. “I knew I didn’t want to come back next year and I knew I wanted to go to grad school so I decided if I made it to the end of the year I would be happy.”

She almost made it. Alfred Fabrizio, principal of Martin County High School in Florida, called her into the office on April 29, showed her one of the photos and asked if it was her. She said yes and was asked to resign.

Sprauer said she did nothing wrong, calling the photos “glamour style photography.”

What do you think? Are the photos inappropriate for a teacher or is a woman in a bathing suit no big deal? Does Sprauer’s voluptuous physique play into your opinion? What if the photo was just posted to her Facebook page? Would you think differently if it was a male teacher?

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