Teddy Bears and the Adults Who Love Them

My child has a large collection of stuffed animals that she’s collected over the years.  The vast majority of these stuffies are piled up on a chair in her room that was placed there for the sole purpose of holding stuffies.  But on her bed are the chosen ones.  These are the special, can’t-sleep-without-them stuffies that she’s been dragging around since her toddler days.

But there is one favored stuffed bunny that has been separated from the pack.  He’s pink and white and lives in my room, on my bed.  She gave me Pinky several years ago after I solemnly swore to cuddle him each and every night for the rest of my life.  At first, I did it just to humor her.  But now?  Well, now I automatically reach for Pinky when I turn out the lights each night.  Sometimes Pinky ends up on the floor, but most mornings I awake to find Pinky safely snuggled in my arms.

I’ve just revealed to you something most people don’t know about me.  But after reading about a survey conducted by the British hotel chain Travelodge, I realize that a grown woman sleeping with a stuffed bunny isn’t as unusual as I thought it was.  According to the survey of 6,000,  35% of adults admit to doing the same.

And if you think that’s cute, wait until you hear this:  That same survey found that 25% of men take their teddy bears along with them when they travel for business.  They say it reminds them of home and helps them feel connected to the loved ones they’ve left behind.

But then it gets a little weird.  The survey found that 15% of men and 10% of women treat their their teddy bear as they would their best friend and share intimate secrets with it.

Of course, the survey respondents were British and therefore probably not entirely representative of American teddy bear habits. Do you sleep with a stuffed toy?  Do you tell it your deepest, darkest secrets?

Image: lovejanine/Flickr

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