Teen Girls Arrested in Beating of Transgender McDonald's Customer

Teonna Monae Brown
Teonna Monae Brown, 18, was one of two teen girls arrested for the beating of a transgender woman in a Baltimore-area McDonalds

Last week I wrote with some amount of surprise about a teen girl in Michigan who was arrested for armed robbery. My surprise stemmed from the feeling that it’s way more unusual, I think, to hear of young girls involved with anything that includes violence or guns as opposed to anyone older or male. I’m sure it’s reverse sexism or some kind of ageism, but it’s just my feeling.

So paint me really astounded today to learn that two teen girls were arrested in that horrific beating of a transgender woman in a Maryland McDonald’s earlier this month.

Teonna Monae Brown, 18, was charged with one count of first-degree assault and two counts of misdemeanor second-degree assault. Her 14-year-old accomplice will be charged as a juvenile.

Between the two of them, authorities believe the girls are responsible for the brutal assault of Chrissy Lee Polis, 22, at a McDonald’s in Rosedale, which is a Baltimore suburb. Videotape of the attack was posted online and made the rounds on the web.

Polis says that she believes the beating was a hate crime and she was targeted because of her sexual identity. The video shows the two girls brutally kicking Polis before dragging her through the restaurant all while continuing their assault on her. One elderly employee is seen trying to help Polis, but the rest of the workers are standing by idly and just watching.

Never mind the fact that the alleged perpetrators are young and/or female, I can’t even begin to imagine what drives anyone to the brutality of this kind of attack. How you can hate anyone enough — particularly someone who you presumably don’t know or have anything against — to harm them physically is beyond my comprehension, and to do it at such a young age is astounding. How do you possibly learn so much hate in a such a short period of time?

But I have to think the aggressors in this case are still young enough that they must have learned at least some of this kind of hate — assuming it was a hate crime — at home. Which is sad and equally shocking. Why bother having kids if you’re so angry at the world that you’re willing to spread your poison to your offspring?

Are you surprised when you hear of girls committing violent crimes?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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