Teen Records Teacher Stealing From Students’ Backpacks (Video)

justineA California teen hides in a high school gym locker and catches a teacher, a 30-year veteran, rifling through backpacks and stealing money!

Someone had been stealing money from teen’s backpacks during Phys Ed so Justine Betti decided to solve the crime on her own. She hid in a locker and couldn’t believe it when her teacher showed up and started rifling through backpacks and taking money.

“After all the kids left she stayed in there and went through people’s backpacks,” Justine Betti told News 10 of the veteran educator. “I saw her take money and then I told people and nobody believed me.”

So Justine decided to catch the teacher on camera. She set up a cell phone pointed at the scene of the crime then hid in a locker with another cell phone and caught the teacher rifling through backpacks again, this time on video.

The girls took the video to the principal who said he’d investigate it and then told them to delete the video. Which, WHAT? Was the principal planning a cover-up? Was he getting a cut from the thieving teacher?

I find that totally weird. But, too late! Justine had already emailed the video to her dad . So, despite what looks like an attempted cover-up, the video came to the attention of local authorities and the teacher was placed on administrative leave.  The incident is now being investigated by the school district and San Joaquin County Sheriff’s office.

Justine says she feels like she did the right thing but that it was hard because the teacher was so beloved by her students who describe her as “great.”

“She was so nice,” Justine says. “Like I saw it and I would never believe it.”

Check out a clip of the video Justine took in the news report below:

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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