Teen Secretly Records Telling His Mom He’s Gay (VIDEO)

momIn the first 5 seconds of this video you can feel how tense the teen, referred to as “Ryan” in the YouTube comments, is feeling as he braces himself to tell his mother he’s gay.

As The Huffington Post notes, “coming out of the closet to family members can be one of the most difficult and terrifying things a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) teenager can go through — especially when you’re not sure what the reaction will be.”

I would never, ever want my son to feel like something he could tell me would make me not love him anymore. My heart immediately goes out to this adorable young man. Here’s what he writes on YouTube along with the video:

“I made this video because when I was contemplating coming out for the last year, I found other similar videos of people coming out to family members on a hidden camera really helpful,” Ryan writes in the video description. “I noticed that there weren’t very many of these videos, so I wanted to create my own to help other people in the same way… My mom reacted in an amazing way, and I really hope that all of you have a similar experience.”

Can you imagine spending an entire year of your life contemplating coming out to your mom? If my son is gay he will know it’s okay to tell me immediately. I hate that gay people have to “come out” at all. I’m telling my children, starting at very young ages, that if they’re gay they don’t need to come out to me. Just bring home their latest crush and I will be absolutely, 100% cool with it.

Nonetheless, Ryan’s mom is a champ. She reacts exactly how I’d imagine I would. “If you had told me you had run over a pedestrian or something…” But the gay thing? It’s all good. And then the dog comes in for some family lovin’.


This little scene between mom and son (and dog) makes me so damn happy. All moms should be so cool. Check it out in the video below.

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