Teen Takes Hilarious Vid Of His Bro Immediately After Getting His Wisdom Teeth Removed

alexDrunk people are funny. But also kind of pathetic. If you’ve ever been the designated driver at a party and stayed sober while everyone else gets wasted then you know of what I speak.

That’s why people acting a fool after surgery are the best. They’re funny as hell without the pathetic angle. In fact, some of the best laughs involving wasted people involve those who are waking up after getting their wisdom teeth removed. The surgery isn’t super serious but you still get loopy enough to provide your family with solid laughs.

That was definitely the case for Alex Nold. He got his wisdom teeth out and brother Anthony was there to catch all the embarrassing action. What else are siblings for if not to embarrass the crap out of you. I must say, this is one of the funnier videos of someone after getting their wisdom teeth removed I’ve ever seen. It was so funny it was even featured on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. Check out the cute brothers in the video below.

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