Teen Trend: Slutty Prom Dresses

sexypromdresssmStroll through any department store today and you will likely notice a proliferation of  fancy party dresses.  From a distance, these frocks look perfectly lovely and totally appropriate for a teen girl attending her prom.  But look a little closer and you may think you’ve accidentally wandered into a Fredericks of Hollywood boutique. 

Backless, frontless and slit up to here, prom dresses have gotten decidedly more risque in recent years.  And while the slutty prom dress trend isn’t exactly new, those skimpy dresses used to be reserved for a select few and were much harder to find.  Today, any girl looking to achieve that porn star look can just pop into her local department store or go online to snap up a perfectly awful dress that will surely make her parents cringe.

And speaking of cringing, why would any self-respecting parent allow their daughter to dress like a call girl on prom night?  Nathan Vaknin, manager of Brooklyn’s Fiesta Ladies Fashion, tells the New York Post that he believes it is because many parents have no backbone.  “The parents might say no at first, but I don’t think anyone can convince these girls to get a dress besides the one they really want,” he says.

And what do they really want?  Here’s a look at some of the sluttiest prom dresses we found online.  Would you let your daughter wear one of these?


Sexy Long Dress at Prom Girl
La Femme Fashion
Panopoly at Cinderella's Gowns
Xtreme from Rissy Roo's
Sherri Hill at Nicole's Prom Boutique

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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