Teens' 'Carrie' Prank Backfires as Town Rallies Around Unlikely Homecoming Queen Candidate

Carrie poster, teen bullies
Michigan teens' Carrie prank totally backfires.

What are bullies to do? First, caller-ID went and ruined every bully’s favorite pastime, prank phone calls. Now, social media has ruined the intended consequences of bullying: isolation and ostracization.

Remember the bullied bus driver? She not only got an outpouring of support but some $300,000 was raised to take away the sting and also supplement her $15K annual salary. That’s not want the bullies had in mind.

Kindness and sympathy has also thwarted the plans of some Michigan teens who tried to pull a semi-“Carrie” on a fellow Ogemaw Heights High School sophomore, Whitney Kropp.

The idea was to get her nominated to the homecoming court, observe her joy in having been nominated and then humiliate her during the entire election process by making her realize she has no business thinking she deserved such a coveted endorsement from the 800 kids at her school.

The boy who was linked with her in the election process dropped out of the race because he was uncomfortable having been matched with her. (His mom must be so proud, though he denies that was his reason for withdrawing.) Fellow students made sure Kropp knew just why she was a part of this year’s court.

Kropp was embarrassed by her reaction and the whole situation, but not for long. Kropp’s friends told their sisters, the sisters told their parents, the parents told their friends and before long, locals were rallying around Kropp, according to

Jamie Kline began a support page on Facebook, which now has more likes than the town has residents. Local businesses, townspeople and even some fellow students have already determined Kropp is the queen, regardless of whose name is called at the game and dance on Saturday.

From Detroit News:

For the homecoming dance Saturday, businesses will buy her dinner, take her photo, fix her hair and nails, and dress her in a gown, shoes and a tiara.

For the homecoming game Friday, residents will pack the football stadium so they can cheer when she is introduced at halftime.

They will be wearing her favorite color (orange) and T-shirts with messages of support. A 68-year-old grandmother offered to be her escort.

People seem to want to make this the best homecoming ever in Ogemaw and they’re not even talking about cheering for Ogemaw and wearing the team colors. It’s all about representing for Team Whitney.

It’s getting tough out there for bullies. Hey, where’s their free dinner and makeover?


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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