8 Telltale Signs You Have a Work Spouse

I recently left a corporate job where I had a “work spouse”. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, a work spouse is a co-worker of the opposite sex with whom you’ve developed a close platonic relationship.

According to Vault.com’s 2011 Office Romance Survey Results, 28% of those surveyed admitted to having a work spouse.

As a 28%er, I feel the need to explain that “Andy” and I were nothing more than great friends who shared a joint distaste for office politics and our company’s cafeteria. We shared laughs, acted as each other’s support system, and in a time when making it through another workday was nothing short of survival, Andy made it possible – as a friend, and only a friend.

Think you may have a work spouse? Check out these 8 telltale signs of workplace matrimony after the jump!

  • You’re always together 1 of 8
    As work besties you remain inseparable during lunches, breaks, and even emergency fire drills. (And that's only when you're not chatting on the phone, emailing, and IMing.)
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  • You’ve got dirt on each other 2 of 8
    He knows you call your boss "Pillsbury Doughboy". You know about his secret fling with Sarah from Accounting. Even when you bicker you know these secrets follow you to the grave.
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  • The person you turn to 3 of 8
    Your work spouse is your immediate go-to for intel relating to hirings, firings, promotions, demotions, freak-outs, and of course, gossip.
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  • You had to be there 4 of 8
    Oh you two, with your silly inside jokes and impressions of one another. It's a wonder you don't have your own language...oh right, you do.
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  • You’re brutally honest with each other 5 of 8
    Beyond spinach in your teeth and pen on your face, he (and only he) can tell you that dress makes you look pregnant. You (and only you) can tell him that shirt makes him look like a tool.
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  • Your hero 6 of 8
    Whether you need a pain reliever, floss, a ride back from the mechanic, or help recovering a lost file, your work spouse is at your service.
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  • You don’t mind staying late… 7 of 8
    ...if, and only if, your work spouse has to stay late too. Misery loves company, especially awesome company.
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  • All better 8 of 8
    You feel better just knowing there's someone you can trust for professional and emotional support when you need it most.
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While work spouse relationships have the ability to make work more enjoyable, there is a potential downside. CNN reported that in a 2009 CareerBuilder survey, 20% of participants said their spouse was jealous of their work spouse relationship.

For information on managing a work spouse relationship, check out WebMD’s The Office Spouse: Rules of Engagement.

What are your thoughts on work spouses?

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