10 Fun Things to Do with That Unwanted Fruitcake

fruit cake
We know exactly what you should do with that dreaded fruitcake.

While popular in other countries like Britain, fruitcake is a much-maligned Christmas tradition here in the United States. Late-night TV host Johnny Carson once joked that there is really only one fruitcake in the world, passed from family to family.

If you are one of those who can’t stand the stuff, you are not alone. Since we know you are not going to eat it, we thought you might like to know what else you and your family might do with it, so we scoured the web for the best ideas:

  • Fruit Cake Free Weights 1 of 10
    Fruit Cake Free Weights
    Get two of them, and use them as dumbbells when you start the inevitable January exercise program. Each fruit cake weighs 2 pounds on average.
    Photo credit: Body Solid Tools Stock Photo
  • Fruit Cake Doorstop 2 of 10
    Fruit Cake Doorstop
    Use it as a doorstop.
    Photo credit: Terry's Village
  • Fruit Cake Fossils 3 of 10
    Fruit Cake Fossils
    Use it as an occasion to discuss fossils with your children. If possible, have your fruitcake carbon-dated to see how many times it has been re-gifted. The fruit cake in this picture is 97 years old. Seriously.
    Photo credit: Elizabeth Flores
  • Fruit Cake Stockpile 4 of 10
    Fruit Cake Stockpile
    Save it for emergency food supplies. It will last forever, so there's no need to worry. Comedian Jay Leno once took a bite of one that was 125 years old.
    Photo credit:
  • Fruit Cake Flinging 5 of 10
    Fruit Cake Flinging
    Attend the annual Great Fruitcake Toss held every January in Manitou Springs, Colorado. That's a fruit cake you see flying through the air.
    Photo credit: Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce
  • Fruit Cake Batting Practice 6 of 10
    Fruit Cake Batting Practice
    What's more American than baseball and fruit cake? Do what my family does: get a plastic bat and take it out to the backyard to use for batting practice.
    Photo credit: Stock.xchng/fishrmann
  • Save the Reef Fruit Cake 7 of 10
    Save the Reef Fruit Cake
    Donate it for the building of an artificial reef.
    Reef photo credit: Wikipedia
  • Pretend Fruit Cake Pal 8 of 10
    Pretend Fruit Cake Pal
    Put it on the seat next to you on a plane, train, or bus and then start talking to it, thereby guaranteeing no one will try to sit next to you. (From Yahoo! Answers.)
    Photo credit: Robert Lambert
  • Fruit Cake Flower Arrangements 9 of 10
    Fruit Cake Flower Arrangements
    Use the fruit cake as a base for flower arrangements.
    Photo credit: Grower Direct
  • Give The Fruit Cake to Amy 10 of 10
    Give The Fruit Cake to Amy
    If all else fails, send your fruit cake to Strollerderby writer Amy Windsor. We have no idea why, but she likes the stuff.
    Photo credit: Sunnyland Farms

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