Ten Great Blog Writing Prompts

One of the questions that people ask me all the time is how I get my writing ideas, whether it’s for here at MomCrunch or my personal blog. I’m lucky that writing copy for a living has greased the wheels, so to speak, and most of the time topics come to me pretty easily. But not always, of course (ask any of my friends whom I moan to, “I don’t know what to write about today!”).

But because I’m teaching a writing workshop for bloggers this weekend I’ve been thinking about and researching writing prompts, and I thought I’d share some of the really great ones I’ve found from around the web. Ready?

From Dresden of Creating Motherhood comes this lovely idea: What do you imagine the name of your Grandmother’s blog would be and what would she write about?

From Kathy at Mama Kat Is Losing ItWhat would the truth have done? Write about a time when honesty was NOT the best policy.

From Jessica at a Kick In The Blog: Who are you today? Is it who you thought you’d be?

From Elena at Ciao Mom: Think of a time you hated writing. What was it about the writing that made it so awful?

From Amy at In 400 words, talk about things you love that light you up.

From the Eclecticsix blog: Who inspires you to be a better blogger? Has there been someone who’s mentored you and helped you become the blogger you are today? Is there a website out there that you strive to be like one day? Share your inspirations!

From Amanda at Last Mom On Earth (she received the prompt from Indie Ink): Write a letter of complaint (subject is totally up to you, but it has to contain an element of humor).

From Babble’s own Catherine at Her Bad Mother via the defunct Mommy Blogs Toronto: How does (does?) blogging empower women?

From Heather of Home to Heather: What made you start blogging? Why did you decide to open up a slice of cyberspace and put your name on it?  Tell us what your purpose was back then is it the same today or have you changed focus?

From Megan at Everlasting Present (this is actually a memory keeper prompt, but I think it’s a good writing prompt as well): What do you dream about?  Do you ever find yourself  daydreaming during the day?

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