Ten Tweets of Foolhardy and Funny #ScaryMovieRulesToLiveBy

Scary Movie Rules To Live By

Tuesday and Wednesday’s hot hashtag on twitter was #ScaryMovieRulesToLiveBy, we picked through the thousands and came up with the best ten tweets. Through the collective wisdom of twitter, you should be able to elude almost any psycho murderer that comes after you. Or, at the very least, know that you are doomed.

The top tweet was “Don’t Be Black, You Die First.” Which is ironic because I couldn’t find a single image from a movie of a black person dying. I think (hope?) that is an old movie cliché that has been passed over for all sorts of new and innovative ways to kill off non-main characters.

What movie rules did we miss? Are there any diehard horror fans out there that are women over 30? It is one of those genres that ~literally~ leaves me cold.

  • Amityville Horror 1 of 10
    Amityville Horror
    I never used a ouija board again after seeing this movie. I threw it away. And then went to church.
  • Coraline 2 of 10
    How buttons can be so sinister is a mystery to me. BUT THEY ARE.
  • Jaws 3 of 10
    The girl who dares to skinny dip has been killed off in a slew of movies, but never so famously as in Jaws.
  • Canadian Bacon 4 of 10
    Canadian Bacon
    Alright, he doesn't die in the movie, but this scene around the campfire about the black guy always getting it is comedic gold. See a clip of it here .
  • Scream 5 of 10
    So many blondes, so little time... I probably should've gone the Psycho route with this one, but who can resist Drew Barrymore's surprise cameo in the first Scream?
  • Fargo 6 of 10
    I ALWAYS smile when talking about people in wood chippers.
  • The Shining 7 of 10
    The Shining
    I think this one is true on so many levels.
  • Friday the 13th 8 of 10
    Friday the 13th
    I only have a couple mirrors in my house because I DON'T WANT TO KNOW. Meet me face on or kill me unawares, this surprise B.S. has got to stop.
  • The Blair Witch Project 9 of 10
    The Blair Witch Project
    You want to hike through the woods on a non-existent path to an abandoned, supposedly haunted shack? Sign me up!! :: smacks forehead ::
  • The Strangers 10 of 10
    The Strangers
    This movie seriously messed with my brain. So many disconnected and dead phones. So many creeps in scary masks.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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