Ten Ways To Piss Off Mom Bloggers

1. Send a mom blogger an email that says, “Dear Mommy Blogger” (nope) or, even better, “Dear Lisa” when her name is actually Jennifer. We like being addressed by our actual names, please.

2. Say, “Wow, how fun it must be to get all that stuff for nothing!” or any other version of suggesting that mom bloggers don’t work their asses off. We work damned hard. Seriously.

3. Send a press release with attached photos of celebrities and ask them to post them on their (entirely non-celebrity related) blog. This is a fast route to getting a photo of Wil Wheaton collating paper, because a picture of him collating paper is useless, as are your photos of a celebrity to a blogger.

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4. Ask a blogger that’s been blogging for six years how you can be “just like them and get famous” and then act disappointed when they say, “Six years of hard work.” People, it takes time. There are no shortcuts.

5. Ask a mom blogger for a few “introductions to her other mom blogger friends” for a project without offering a consulting fee. We get pretty pissed when you want to leverage the network we built without compensating us.

6. Say anything about breastfeeding. Seriously, just don’t talk about it. Like, ever. Someone will be mad. Breast feeding (and not breast feeding) is a hot topic.

7. Pay them to write a post, and then ask them not to disclose that they were paid. Oh, yes, that really happens, and no, we won’t.

8. Assume they are lacking a good sex life because they are moms. Our husbands are hot, yo.

9. Joke with her about how she spends all day working in her pajamas. We work in sweat pants, damn it.

10. Pitch a vegan blogger about hot dogs, or an eco-blogger about disposable plastic containers, or a Mormon blogger about wine. Basically any pitch that completely goes against every value the blogger holds.

Bonus item:

Say anything negative about her kids and how she is raising them. Seriously, just don’t.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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