Texted Out Teen Sitter Puts Kids to Bed So She Can Go Home

textingTo all those parents who think the only way their kids will be safe is if they’re left with family, a word: you might want to take away their cell phones.

An eighteen-year-old Ohio woman was mad at her brother for not answering her text messages while she was babysitting his kids. So she decided to leave . . . and leave the kids behind.

Police in Cincinnatti say Mia Kemper put her seven, four and two-year-old charges to bed. Then she packed up and went home, leaving the children sleeping back at their house.

Her brother and his fiancee returned home a full hour later, expecting to find Kemper babysitting. They called the cops, and Kemper has been charged with three counts of child endangerment. She allegedly admitted to cops that she knew it was wrong to leave the kids alone (ya think?), but neither her brother nor the fiancee were returning her texts.

All this over a bunch of text messages?

A teeny part of me would feel bad for this woman if she’d left because the kids were driving her bonkers (hey, we’ve all been there). The rest of me is wondering how an eighteen-year-old can be that stupid. Ever heard of night-time potty breaks? Firetrucks driving by and waking the kids? Bad dreams?

I guess they just don’t compare to getting a “CU L8R” back from your bro?

Forget “no texting while driving.” Here’s the new rule for the teen sitter: “no texting while watching my kids.”

Image: boundlessnetwork

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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