Thanksgiving FAILS: 20 Hilarious & Horrendous Ways Turkey Day Can Go Horribly Wrong

Baby Stuffed Turkey...Yum!

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. And as we all fly and drive to towns far and away, prepare our epically long grocery lists or meticulously clean, disinfect and scrub our homes in preparation for the in-laws, we can get a wee bit stressed out. Will the turkey come out perfect? Will little Johnny and Jane sit still during dinner? Will Uncle Bill refrain from indulging in too much wine? So much to think about, so many anxious moments and so much worry. You know what we all need? A little comic relief, a little laugh, a giggle or perhaps a smirk, all in the name of Thanksgiving.

These twenty Thanksgiving photos represent a variety of funny, amusing and sometimes just sad turkey day fails. Just be thankful it didn’t happen to you.

Check them out them right here:

  • Mom Serves Up Her Thanksgiving Turkey 1 of 19
    Mom Serves Up Her Thanksgiving Turkey
    Baby, it's what's for dinner. This mother, dressed up like a Pocahontas wannabe, offers up her stuffed and browned baby. Let's hope she didn't have any takers.
    Photo Source: College Humor
  • The Tan Lined Turkey 2 of 19
    The Tan Lined Turkey
    This turkey, it has one killer tan. I especially appreciate its relaxed pose, like it's not headed for the dinner table but for Barbados or Maui.
    Photo Source: Image Shack
  • Grandpa Died 3 of 19
    Grandpa Died
    This one, well it's heartbreaking. On the cheery cornucopia where many a student probably wrote that they couldn't wait to eat turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, this kid gave a play-by-play on the Thanksgiving night when their grandpa died.
    "I'll never forget the thanksgiving when my grandpa died."
    "My grandpa couldn't breath and he then started to choke!"
    "He died after we ate dinner."
    "He was really happy with the family before he died"
    "He died because of the wires in his arm."
    Photo Source: Fail Blog
  • Turkey or Ham? 4 of 19
    Turkey or Ham?
    It's the deli meat that couldn't decide what it was. Is it "Turkey"? Or is it "Gourmet Ham"? Or some new kind of turkey/ham hybrid.
    Photo Source: Fail Blog
  • The Phallic Turkey Cake 5 of 19
    The Phallic Turkey Cake
    Um. Yeah. I think the photo speaks for itself.
    Photo Source:
  • Turkey Phone 6 of 19
    Turkey Phone
    The communication device for those who like to talk turkey everyday, not on just Thanksgiving.
    Photo Source: Hokie Chokie
  • The Baby Roaster 7 of 19
    The Baby Roaster
    Cannibalism and Thanksgiving? They just don't mix. No matter how cute and yummy looking the baby is.
    Photo Source: Chuck Norris Ate My Baby
  • Turkey — For Sale — Partially Eaten 8 of 19
    Turkey — For Sale — Partially Eaten
    In the market for a partially eaten turkey? Well, you are in luck. And it's only eight days old!
    Photo Source: 4.Bp.Blogspot
  • Is it Poop or a Turkey? 9 of 19
    Is it Poop or a Turkey?
    Some people just shouldn't fool around with brown frosting.
    Photo Source: Feisty, Frugal and Fabulous
  • Pet Portrait FAIL 10 of 19
    Pet Portrait FAIL
    Like this would EVER happen. Not!
    Photo Source: Shipment of
  • The X-Rated Turkey 11 of 19
    The X-Rated Turkey
    Yes, this should have been an adorable hand covered turkey, but instead it looked a bit X-rated.
    Photo Source: You Fail At Failing
  • Turkey’s Revenge 12 of 19
    Turkey's Revenge
    If a turkey could get revenge we would all be terrified.
    Photo Source: Cool Holiday Graphics
  • When Holiday Vests Go Wrong 13 of 19
    When Holiday Vests Go Wrong
    This Thanksgiving vest would make anyone lose their appetite.
    Photo Source: 4.BP.Blogspot
  • Eat Ham 14 of 19
    Eat Ham
    A poignant message from a turkey perhaps begging for his life.
    Photo Source:
  • When Frosting Goes Wrong 15 of 19
    When Frosting Goes Wrong
    This was not made as some "adult" novelty cake. It's just frosting gone wrong.
    Photo Source Epic Fail
  • Stuff Your Turkey With Ice Cream 16 of 19
    Stuff Your Turkey With Ice Cream
    You've got to appreciate the gall of this particular ice cream store trying to integrate their product into a Thanksgiving staple. But actually stuffing your turkey with ice cream? The mind boggles trying to imagine that one.
    Photo Source: Cheez Burger
  • Eat Me? 17 of 19
    Eat Me?
    Eat Me? I think I'll pass.
    Photo Source: Cake Wrecks
  • The Turkey Hat 18 of 19
    The Turkey Hat
    Imagine if that wacky aunt showed up at your Thanksgiving dinner wearing this headdress. It's a fashion statement that is far more statement than fashion.
    Photo Source: Colonial Foot Soldier
  • The Cat is Hungry 19 of 19
    The Cat is Hungry
    This cat, this cat is hungry. Hungry for its very own turkey dinner. But lucky for the humans in the house, the turkey is just a paw too far away.
    Photo Source: Quilt Talk

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