The 10 Most Clever Holiday Gifts (Ever!) for Moms

Holiday gift ideas for moms
Be a hero and get her what she didn’t know she always wanted

She made you a father (or she made you, period) — it’s time you make her smile (like, really smile) when she opens up her gifts this holiday season.

There’s a lot of stuff out there for moms, but not of a lot of it screams “WE REALLY THOUGHT ABOUT YOU AND WHAT YOU’D REALLY LIKE.”

That’s about to change. Behold 10 of the most clever holiday gifts (ever!) for moms:

  • A Date on the Calendar 1 of 10
    A Date on the Calendar
    With her girlfriends, not you. Call ahead to her favorite restaurant, make the reservation, leave a credit card, call her a round-trip cab, and act as the babysitter.
    (Bonus points if you vow to get up the next morning and retrieve her favorite caffeinated beverage.)
  • Something-of-the-Month 2 of 10
    What's her thing? Wine? Cheese? Flowers? Tea? Chocolate? Books? Hot sauce (hey, you never know)? Chances are there's a club out there that will send her one of those things every month for a few months or even an entire year. It's the gift that keeps on giving, and that reminds her you think of her not just in December.
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  • Time, Love, and Compassion 3 of 10
    Time, Love, and Compassion
    Plan a day where you and the kids go volunteer somewhere and leave her at home to kick back and relax by herself for a few hours. You're giving her the gift of time, and she's also rewarded by knowing that you're doing something good while teaching your kids something even better. It's a win-win.
  • The Start of a Tradition 4 of 10
    The Start of a Tradition
    Does she always mean to do something to commemorate the holidays for your kids but never gets around to it? Why not start a tradition and do it for her? Whether it's having the kids create a tree ornament or taking them to a pottery place where they can make seasonal plates or mugs to be used every Christmas or Hanukkah, it could mean a whole lot to her that you took the time to do what she could never do because she's so busy doing everything else.
    (Bonus points if you actually keep up with the tradition you started next year.)
    Start your own tradition with these kids' craft ideas for the holidays
  • Motherhood Jewelry 5 of 10
    Motherhood Jewelry
    Maybe you didn't get her a push present when the kids were born, but it's never too late to commemorate your children in the form of jewelry. Whether it's a necklace with their initials or earrings with their birthstones, telling her you remember what she brought into your world is always appropriate, and, you know, awesome.
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  • Framed Children’s Art 6 of 10
    Framed Children's Art
    Whether it's something they made in school or created especially for Mom just for this occasion, framed children's art is never a bad idea. Being able to display your kid's art with pride on the wall encased purposefully in something also beautiful can be more meaningful than taping up something haphazardly.
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  • A Framed Family Photo 7 of 10
    A Framed Family Photo
    Don't just give her a frame; give her a photo of your family in a frame. While frames are lovely, what's inside them will stand out most of all, and your thoughtfulness for picking out a good picture and wrapping it inside will go a long way.
    (Bonus points if the picture inside the frame is one you took of the kids that she's never seen before — and if no one is crying or wearing dirty clothes.)
    Check out these 5 simple tips for taking great kid photos
  • Attention to Detail 8 of 10
    Attention to Detail
    She'll probably never bring her car in to be detailed, but that doesn't mean you can't do it for her. Have it buffed and shined and waxed — inside and out. And throw in a little something extra, like a cute pair of driving shoes or a luxurious shawl that she can wrap around her (or sleeping kids) when driving — something that will remind her every time she turns on the ignition that you were clever enough to think outside the box (and the house).
  • An e-Reader 9 of 10
    An e-Reader
    Try traveling with kids, a diaper bag, DVDs, stuffed animals, snacks, beverages, just-in-case clothing changes — and a hardcover book. Guess which is the first to go?
    Now's the time to get her an e-Reader. There are tons on the market, which means they're more affordable than ever, which means her few minutes alone with a book at night doesn't need to be sacrificed for your children's lovies in a carry-on.
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  • Je Ne Sais Quois 10 of 10
    Je Ne Sais Quois
    What's the one thing she's had forever that she'd like to replace but can never justify it because she puts everyone else before her? Her worn-down slippers? Her makeshift jewelry box?
    Chances are she has something that has stopped working, doesn't work well, or just isn't what it used to be that could use updating and upgrading with something cashmere-lined or hand-carved.You, on the other hand, can justify it, because she's more than worth it.

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