The 15 Best Wedding Movies Ever

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It’s June, which means you’re either getting married, in a wedding party, or attending a wedding in the next three weeks. If you don’t believe me, just check your calendar.

As a professional bridesmaid, I know just how exciting, stressful, and hella expensive wedding season can be. But it’s not all bad (free booze!), assuming of course you’re seated with the cool kids.

To help get you practiced in all things happily ever after, we rounded up the top 15 wedding movies of all time; check ’em out after the jump!

  • Bridesmaids 1 of 15
    When down-on-her-luck Annie learns her best friend is engaged, she quickly steps up as Maid of Honor only to be continually outdone by a fellow bridesmaid. This motley crew of bridesmaids will have you ugly snorting with laughter!
    Get it from Amazon, $12.49
  • Muriel’s Wedding 2 of 15
    Muriel's Wedding
    Single gal Muriel doesn't have a lot going for her. As the black sheep of her family, she obsessively daydreams about her wedding day while listening to Abba. In this quirky dark comedy, Muriel decides to reinvent herself and learns about life and love along the way.
    Get it from Amazon, $6.97
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 of 15
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    Toula comes from a large (and loud) Greek family. When she meets and falls in love with a man who isn't Greek, her relationship becomes a family affair. Opa!
    Get it from Amazon, $4.99
  • The Proposal 4 of 15
    The Proposal
    Bitchy boss woman Margaret has abused her male assistant for the better part of three years. When she learns she's about to be deported, she coerces her assistant into marrying her in exchange for a promotion. Will they make a convincing pair?
    Get it from Amazon, $14.97
  • My Best Friend’s Wedding 5 of 15
    My Best Friend's Wedding
    You know how when you make a pact with your best male friend that if neither of you are married by 28, you'll marry each other? Yeah, that. Except when you're single, about to turn 28, and find out your best friend is engaged; desperate times call for desperate measures.
    Get it from Amazon, $11.41
  • Mamma Mia! 6 of 15
    Mamma Mia!
    A young bride-to-be is desperate to have her father walk her down the aisle. There's only one problem, her father can be any one of three men. Set to the score of Abba, this film will have you singing and dancing all the way down the aisle!
    Get it from Amazon, $10.70
  • The Wedding Date 7 of 15
    The Wedding Date
    In an attempt to show her ex-fiancé what he's missing, single gal Kat hires a male escort to pretend to be her fiancé at her sister's wedding. Will her ex realize what he's missing?
    Get it from Amazon, $6.97
  • The Wedding Planner 8 of 15
    The Wedding Planner
    When Mary, a wedding planner, falls in love with the groom of the most important wedding of her career, she quickly learns matters of the heart cannot be planned.
    Get it from Amazon, $7.24
  • 27 Dresses 9 of 15
    27 Dresses
    It's always a bridesmaid, never a bride for poor Jane. As a nice girl who can't say no, Jane is tasked to serve as Maid of Honor for her sister's wedding to her long-time crush. You'll be rooting for hopeless romantic Jane on her journey to finding happily ever after.
    Get it from Amazon, $9.99
  • Father of the Bride 10 of 15
    Father of the Bride
    George Banks is having a hard time letting go of his beloved daughter, Annie. Things go from bad to worse when Daddy's little girl hires a flamboyant wedding planner. Filled with humor and heart, Father of the Bride takes the proverbial wedding cake!
    Get it from Amazon, $11.17
  • The Wedding Singer 11 of 15
    The Wedding Singer
    Robbie and Julie are about to marry the wrong people, thankfully 1985 had other plans. Radical music, big hair, and the adorably lethal Sandler-Barrymore combo make this film one of our favorites; like totally.
    Get it from Amazon, $7.90
  • Made of Honor 12 of 15
    Made of Honor
    Bachelor Tom has always had a best friend in Hannah. Just when he realizes Hannah's the one, he learns she's engaged to be married. To add insult to injury, she's asked him to be her Maid of Honor!
    Get it from Amazon, $8.57
  • Runaway Bride 13 of 15
    Runaway Bride
    Dubbed as the "Runaway Bride" for leaving three men at the altar, Maggie is less than thrilled when a reporter arrives to do a story on her upcoming fourth wedding attempt.
    Get it from Amazon, $6.38
  • Bride Wars 14 of 15
    Bride Wars
    BFF's turn mortal enemies when they discover their weddings are scheduled on the same day. With neither Bridezilla willing to compromise, each bride out to sabotage the other in a fight to the finish.
    Get it from Amazon, $8.73
  • Wedding Crashers 15 of 15
    Wedding Crashers
    Two playboys who've been taking advantage of desperate single wedding guests for years get the surprise of their lives when they fool around and fall in love.
    Get it from Amazon, $4.48

Did we miss any of your favorite wedding movies? Feel free to add your favorites in the comments!

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