The 20 Best YouTube Channels for Kids

The best of YouTube for kids

Around the time my son turned two, I figured out a trick. One day when I was in desperate need of a break, we both got into bed with my laptop. I put it on my lap and pulled up two websites: YouTube and nytimes.com. I minimized them both and put them side by side on the screen.

This is when I discovered the potential of YouTube for kid entertainment. At the time, my son was particularly into all things garbage: the cans, the drivers, the neighborhood pick-ups. So we got under the covers and I dialed up “garbage trucks” for him, while I read the Opinion section next to him.

Since then, we’ve graduated to watching airport footage and construction sites. But I think I’ll be adding a few to my repertoire now, thanks to the Social Times list of 20 Kid-Friendly YouTube Channels. Here’s what they had to say:

20 Best YouTube Channels for Kids

Sesame Street

Yo Gabba Gabba!


They Might Be Giants Podcast for Kids

Houston Zoo

Simple Kids Crafts

Cartoon Network

Muppets Studio

Word World PBS

Big Red Hat Kids

Laurie Berkner

Baby Einstein

Activity Village

Hoopla Kids

The Wiggles


School House Rock Kids


Seven Awesome Kids


Jenny On The Spot

Charmed Valerie

I’m kind of excited to test some of these out this weekend. Do you agree with the list of kid-friendly YouTube channels, and have any to add of your own?

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